Scrapping Alone

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Article Courtesy by Georgina Hefferman


While I like to surround myself with people and friends most of the time, when it comes to my scrapbooking I much prefer being alone. I am blessed in that I enjoy my own company and can spend hours on my own with my undivided attention being available just for me.  In fact, I find my "me" time really relaxing and on most occasions very productive.


Don't get me wrong, I'm not against getting together to scrap with friends, maybe at a crop or on a scrapbook retreat, but if I am honest with myself how much of that time do I actually spend scrapping? Most of it is spent catching up with friends, chatting and laughing, sharing food and generally socialising. I very rarely get a page completed and most of the times leave something behind at home anyway which prevents me from being totally creative!

For most of the scrapbooking community, we scrap alone for the majority of the time. So, what things can we do to fill that alone time and prevent ourselves from getting too lonely?  What are the benefits of scrapping on your own? How can we make the most of that time?  Here are a few of my suggestions:

  1. Create some background noise and switch on the radio or a CD. There is nothing more relaxing than singing along to your favorite tunes and it passes the time very quickly.

  2. Watch your TV while you scrap, catch up on the latest episodes of your favorite show or put on a favorite movie. It's only ever in the background but makes you feel like you are multitasking.

  3. Get some yummy snacks to nibble on when you are scrapping.  Chocolate and candy are my favorites but you could try some healthier alternatives. Just be aware not to get them too near your layouts otherwise you may have some spillages to cover up.

  4. Ensure you have a supply of drinks on hand at all times.  I purchased one of those little mini fridges for my craft room and stacked it full of soft drinks and water. I literally could survive in that little room of mine for hours.

  5. Keep the phone near you.  You don't have to stop scrapping to go and find it if it rings and you can give a friend a call if you feel like some company. There is nothing more annoying than hunting down a missing phone when you are covered to your elbows in glitter glue or blasting an image with your heat gun.

  6. Make yourself as comfortable as possible.  Grab a soft cushion, and a blanket if it's cold. Scrap in your PJs and don't brush your hair! No one will see you so why worry. Make sure your bin is near you so you can chuck all your rubbish away easily and organise your scrapping space so everything is at easy reach.

  7. Give yourself a challenge.  Use different products, only scraps, a sketch or one of the great challenges on the Scrapjazz messageboard. Reward yourself when you are done.

  8. Spread out!  Make the most of the fact that you are scrapping at home; don't worry if you make too much mess because you can clean it up later.

  9.  If you get scrapper's block, get up and walk away.  Shut the door and occupy yourself with something else, maybe the washing or ironing. After a break you can go back. One of the benefits of scrapping at home is you have no deadlines or allocated time slots.

  10. Jump on the Scrapjazz message board and chat online to other scrappers. You will still be on your own but can catch up with all the latest news in comfort.

Above everything, my message here is to make the most of your alone time. We all lead very hectic lives and need to slow down for our health and well being. Relax, put your feet up and enjoy this time no matter how short it might be.  Use it to gather your thoughts, take a break from your busy world, reflect, daydream and be creative. Look after your soul; it really is good for you.


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