Stamp Storage Ideas: Acrylic & Unmounted Rubber

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Article Courtesy by Patter Cross

If you are a stamper, you know that stamps are so addictive and fun.  Whether you stamp with acrylics, unmounted rubber, wooden stamps, or a mix of all types, you will quickly see that organizing them is a necessity.  But, how do you go about it?  What system would work best for you?  Let's look at the options available for acrylic and unmounted rubber, and maybe you will find the solution that is right for you.


I personally have a collection of all types of stamps.  It has grown so big over the years, and I have tried many solutions.  Unfortunately my favorite solution of all time is not available anymore, so I am in the process of finding a new solution.  As I went through my search for something that would work for me, here are some products I have found.

Products at has many storage solutions available. Let's look at them.

  • EZ Mount Stamp N Store, Light Weight Storage Tabbed Panels, 5 pack

    These binder panels look wonderful!  You can store your EZ Mount or clear acrylic stamps on these pages and then put them in any binder.  Notice they are universally hole-punched so that they will fit in either a European-style or standard U.S. 3-Ring binder.  Wonderful!

  • Tim Holtz Unmounted Stamp Refill Pockets & Tim Holtz Stamp Case

    These stamp pockets will hold your unmounted rubber and acrylic stamps.  You can also store stickers and rub-ons in them.  I was unable to find the dimensions of these pockets anywhere so I am not sure of the size but they also look like a great solution especially if you like to go to crops, since they are portable. 

    These pockets will fit in the stamp case.  The stamp case is made out of metal that can be painted or embellished to make it your own.  The case will hold the unmounted stamp pockets listed above and has a space for your acrylic blocks.  This really is a great portable solution!

  • Cropper Hopper Unmounted Stamp Books  & Cropper Hopper Stamp Book Binder

    The Unmounted Stamp Books from Cropper Hopper are a great way to store your stamps. They are larger, harder containers that will fit into the Cropper Hopper Craft Binder which is shown below.  Because these are larger, they will certainly hold a lot more stamps in each case.  Each case measures 13 ¼"H x 10"W x ½"D.  In the binder, they would be great stored neatly on a shelf though I have seen one stamper keep hers stacked in a large basket.  That's a fun idea!

    The binder has a zip closure and holds the stamp books mentioned above.  The binder measures 15 ¼"H x 14"W x 2 ¾"D.  There are also inside pockets in the binder that will hold your acrylic blocks.

  • Making Memories Clear Stamp Storage Binder & Storage Folders

    This binder will store your unmounted and clear acrylic stamps also.  The storage folders measure 7" x 8 ½", and the binder measures 9 ½" x 2 ½" x 11".  There is a zippered pouch that will store your accessories inside.

Other Products Available for Storage

The products that has for stamp storage really is just the tip of the iceberg.  There are so many, many other storage options.  Other storage options include:

  • Little Monkeys Store More Stamps

    This fun system is similar to some of the stamp pockets above but larger.  Each pocket measures 8" x 8" and has a sheet that inserts into the pocket.  You can fit two sheets facing front and back in each pocket maximizing your storage space.

  • CD Cases & Tins

    A lot of people choose to store their stamps in clear CD cases or tins and then stack them in a CD tower.  I tried that but I found the cases to be way too small for my stamps.  Plus I would have had countless CD cases.  For some, this option works great; for me, it did not. Here are a couple of examples of CD storage options from

    Unmounted Stamps by SwedishDesign
    New Stamp Storage by BlingQueenRia

  • UniKeepTM 1.25" View Case BinderTM - A5 

    I am currently switching over to this system.  These binders measure 8 ½" x 5 ½", and they will hold three to six pages of stamps depending on whether you are storing acrylic or foam-mount stamps.  You can make the pages yourself out of laminated cardstock, or there are places online to purchase sheets that will fit this binder.  The cardstock needs to be heavy to hold your stamps without bending the page.  You can use laminated chipboard also.

I hope this article has given you many ideas for stamp storage.  It's all about finding the product that will work for you.  Enjoy the search, and have fun organizing!


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