Product Review: Cropper Hopper Embellishment Boxes and Paper

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Article Courtesy by Patter Cross

I have been using these products since they came out years ago, and I am still just as happy with them as the day I purchased them!  Not only am I happy with them, they have held up beautifully without cracking, breaking, or falling apart.  Let's look at my favorite pieces and how I use them.

Cropper Hopper Embellishment Boxes

These boxes are very versatile!  They come in three different sizes, and you can store brads, buttons, eyelets, Dew Drops, or any of your other tiny embellishments.  I personally love to use all three sizes for my ribbon storage.  This picture shows all of my ribbons of widths from 1/4" to 1.5".  All of them are stored in all three sizes of the Cropper Hopper Embellishment boxes-the Essential Mini, the Mini Cube, and the Mini Squared.  These boxes keep my ribbons neat, and there is not any creasing. It is also easy to store shorter pieces in these too.  I do take all of my ribbons off the rolls, and all of my ribbons go into these boxes.


The differences between the embellishment boxes are:

Cropper Hopper Essentials Mini - 12 per package - 1.63"H x 1.5"W x 0.5"D

Cropper Hopper Mini Squared - 6 per package - 1.63"H x 1.5"W x 0.8"D

Cropper Hopper Mini Cube - 4 per package - 1.63"H x 1.5"W x 1.69"D

Cropper Hopper Paper Holder

These paper holders comes in several sizes-12" x 12", 8 ½" x 11", 8" x 8", and 6" x 6".  I use the 12" x 12" and 8" x 8" sizes for several different things.

First, I use the 12" x 12" paper holders for my 12" x 12" cardstock and for my favorite kits or manufacturer paper lines.  Here is how they look:


3_170I use the 8" x 8" paper holders  to store my QuicKutz magnetic folders for my Spellbinders Nestabilities.  I also use one for current paper-crafting magazines and one for my 8 ½" x 11" cardstock.

These paper holders are made of sturdy semi-clear plastic, and they really work for many different storage options.  Cropper Hopper also makes dividers so that you can separate colors, manufacturers, or in any other way you desire.  Each paper holder holds about 200 pieces of cardstock, so you really can store a lot in these wonderful organizational pieces.

So, if you are a paper addict, magazine addict, or any other kind of paper-crafting addict, these are a must-have!  Check out the reviews in the store for more information on all of the products listed here.  Have fun organizing!










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