Sign of the Times

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Article Courtesy by Georgina Hefferman

It always amazes me how quickly technology nowadays is changing. It seems that every week some new gadget is unleashed on the general public. There is always a "must have" tech toy.

Think about it -- once upon a time cell phones and video cameras were so big they required their own bags, but now you can slide one into your jeans pocket and no one even knows it's there!  Everything is so much smaller but holds so much more capability.  Many phones aren't just for calling people anymore - you can text, video, take photos, access the Internet, email, play games and more, all in a small package.

Of course we also have digital cameras with tiny little cards to store thousands of photos, and hard drives for back up. Who would have thought 10 years ago we could have become this technologically advanced!

Then there are videos, DVDs and Blu-ray.  How about the journey from black-and-white TVs, color TVs and now digital and HD TVs. Computers are now touch-screen with wireless broadband and the possibilities with the USB connection are endless. A friend of mine called me the other day, excited that she has purchased a USB coffee warmer  for her computer!

With the world around us constantly changing and evolving, it makes sense therefore for technology to become the subject of some of our scrapbook pages.  It's a way for us to remember what once was.

Here are a few of the technology-themed pages that I have in my scrapbook layouts:

  1. In the Zone - My niece and nephew both got Nintendo DS Lites for Christmas gifts last year and this layout is about them. They were totally absorbed for hours on end.


  2. Elmo Live - This was a Christmas gift too, this time for my mum. She desperately wanted this Elmo that not only moved, but told stories, jokes and so much more.


  3. My Daily Dose - I love my new touch-screen computer and this layout is about my daily routine when I get home from work. Every day I check my emails and of course check Scrapjazz as well as other scrapping websites.


  4. Teleport - This was for my book of me. If I could have one superpower what would it be? To teleport! One day I think it will be a reality.


Here are some title ideas to get you started on your own layouts:

  • Inspector Gadget
  • The I.T. Crowd
  • Gadget Junkie
  • Toys for the Boys
  • Gadget Envy
  • Phone Envy
  • Days Gone By
  • It Does It All
  • I Love My Computer
  • My Friends Live Inside My Computer
  • What Would I Do Without.....
  • Are You Impressed?
  • iPod Wonder
  • Blogging Tales
  • Sci-Fi Mad
  • Gadget Girls
  • And It Comes in Pink Too!

If you are still looking for more inspiration why not check out the Scrapjazz gallery!


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