Scrapping Formals and Dances


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Article Courtesy by Kayla Richards

Sparkly dresses, junior prom, first wedding dances, and tuxedos. Countless hours doing hair and putting on makeup. These all contribute to the lovely dances and special events that occur throughout the years. If you have high school kids or young adult children, I am sure you have lots of photos of school dances and wedding dance photos. With the following examples, you will gain a little inspiration and a few tips to create a fantastic formal or dance layout using your beloved photographs.

Wedding Dance - "First Dance"


For my very own first dance layout, I knew I wanted something special, and I wanted my photograph to really stand out.  I am sure you want the same for any wedding photographs you have to scrap as well. To keep the photograph as the main focus, you will want to keep the layout simple, but still make it special. My wedding color was turquoise, so I matted my photo with turquoise paper to incorporate that in to my layout. I placed the photo on a neutral kraft-colored cardstock so the photo would pop off the page. I framed the kraft cardstock with black cardstock to give my layout some distinction, and to add the classic feel you should achieve with wedding photos. Then, I added all the special touches that would really give my layout a "wedding" feel. I added a crisp black ribbon detail embellishment, as well as a white floral to pop against the black ribbon. I added a charming black button to the center of the floral. I stamped flourishes in two places and used clear and blue Sparkles  to "fancy up" the layout. Finally, I used two different fonts for my title. Using two fonts helps give motion to a layout, and a feeling of motion is exactly what a dancing layout needs!

Prom and Other School Dances- "Prom '02"


With the vast array of gown color options on the market today, it is a given that a group of girls at a high school dance will all have different colored dresses. How do you decide on colors when you are creating a scrapbook layout? One way is to find a background paper with a simple pattern that will tie all the colors together. My suggestion? Pick a more neutral color for the background, or pick one of the dress colors that will match the rest of the dresses as well.  For example, in this layout, the clothing colors are royal blue, dark purple, baby blue, black, and heather blue. I decided to use a smoky purple background because of its dark color. It ties in really well with the black tuxedos and the blue and purple dress. Next, I knew the baby blue dress still stuck out. To help minimize this, I used lighter colored paper for the journaling block. This lighter paper will help match the light blue dress and give an overall balance to the layout.

Aside from matching colors, I added some essential items to my layout that scream formal dance. The shiny, black, cursive-style letters add sophistication and shine to the layout. I like them for this layout because they mimic the look of shiny black tuxedo shoes. Additionally, as you know by now, sparkle works great with formal dance layouts - every girl at the dance will have some sparkly jewelry or shoes on! Finally, I added the black ribbon to make this layout even more special.

Wedding Dance - "Two of Hearts"


Brides-to-be spend a lot of time deciding which colors and theme they will want for their wedding day. My brother and sister-in-law's wedding was a beautiful lavender color. To play up their theme in my layout, I used the wedding color to complement the photo. The trick is to use little hints of the theme color here and there on your layout. You don't want to overpower the layout with a huge amount of one color. Thus, I used a lavender floral to tie together the journaling and the photograph. I added a ghost (clear acetate) flower over top of the lavender flower and completed the embellishment with a black button to give the flower piece that extra pizzazz. The flower embellishment gives the layout the soft, feminine layout you want wedding layouts to have. Just like a bride's left hand, a wedding layout needs some sparkle! I added two colors of Sparkles to this layout, clear and lavender. Finally, I added some faux ribbon strips of paper to the top of the layout to carry the pops of lavender all around the layout. Placing three pops of one color will help move the viewer's eyes around your layout.


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