Marvelous Misting

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Article Courtesy by Stacy Milford


Are you ready to try one of the hottest trends in the crafting world?  I am not an expert, but along the way, I found out that you really don’t have to be an expert to have fun with misting!

I ordered Maya Mists Green Mist and Dark Cornflower Blue Mist, two of my favorite colors, thinking that I would use them on many different projects.  It was hard to just order two – there are many options in color, finish (glimmer, chalk, etc.) and company. sells both Tattered Angels and Maya Road mists.

The simple directions on the Maya Mist bottle are,  “Shake well and spray at an angle about 6 inches from surfaces.”  I would definitely suggest finding a large piece of cardboard to use as a backdrop. Otherwise you will have paint landing on surfaces that you don’t want paint on!  I was able to fold the cardboard in half to create an L-shaped backdrop, which makes a great work space.

I found out very quickly that misting is fun and quite addictive!  Depending on the coverage you are trying to achieve, it may only take a few pumps of the bottle.  Here are a few examples that I came up with.

Misting a background – This can be done on scrapbook layouts, cards and album covers, just to name a few.  Lay your item to be misted on the cardboard and spray.  Allow a few minutes for drying and then embellish.   I only used one color, but a combination of different colors would create an entirely different look.  Pictured below is the cover of a mini album that I lightly misted with Maya Mist Dark Cornflower Blue.

Altering Chipboard – Do you have lots of bare chipboard stockpiled?  Misting is a quick way to add color.  I will definitely be doing this again!  Here, I misted the chipboard word “you” and then applied it directly to a photo in the mini album.  It took about six pumps to get the total coverage I wanted. 

Creating a Mask – Of everything I have tried so far, this is my favorite misting method.  To create a mask, find a shape made of chipboard or plastic.  You can also purchase masks specifically created for misting.  I chose three chipboard arrows as my mask, laid them on my mini album page and then lightly misted.  Removing the chipboard reveals the misted design.

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Be sure and post your misting creations in the Scrapjazz Gallery for all of us to see!


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