Kindergarten Album

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By Rachel Myerson

Kindergarten, the first year of school, is a special time. It is special for children as they feel like big kids finally going to "real" school and it is special for the parents, seeing their child grow up but still very much a small child. Kindergarten also presents a special opportunity for scrapbookers; there are so many special moments to preserve during the year, many opportunities for photographs, and many special events to include through journaling. Whether you choose to make a coordinated kindergarten album or just a series of pages about this special year, here are some suggestions for your kindergarten scrapbook.

The First Day

Few days of school are as precious as the first day of kindergarten. Make sure you take a picture leaving your home in case the one in front of the school doesn't come out right. If your child will be riding the bus, consider driving along behind the bus to take a picture of your child walking into the school for the first time (crazy as this sounds, you won't be the only one doing it). When scrapping the first day, make sure you include the journaling to remember the details of the day. Here are some points that you may want to include in your journaling:

  • Was the child nervous or excited?
  • How did your child get to school? Did you drive them the first day even though they will ride the bus during the rest of the year?
  • Did the parents walk the child into the school or a teacher?
  • Was there crying (by either the child or the parent)?
  • Did anything unusual happen on the first day?
  • What were the thoughts going through your mind as the parent?
  • What were the themes or designs on the child's backpack and lunchbag?
  • You may also want to include the name of the school and the name of the teacher, although these can be included in subsequent layouts as well.

Parties and Events

There are many parties and events during the year at kindergarten. Always bring your camera and try to get some good pictures. If you don't have enough good pictures from a single event, consider combining photos from several events on the same layout. Don't forget to include some journaling about your child's attitude towards the events and school.

All events in kindergarten are special, but really special events should have a separate layout.


Kindergarten seems like fun but it is also a very important part of a child's education. Don't forget to journal about how the school day goes and what they are learning.

The Class and the Teachers

If your school provides a class photo, this is a definite to include in the album. If possible include a list of the children by row. If you don't have a class photo, try to take at least one photo of the whole class at an event or show and include that in your album.

Does your child have just one teacher or several? Try to get a special picture with each teacher and journal about their relationship with your child.


Whether you have an official kindergarten graduation or just the last day, don't forget to bring your camera to that final day. Journal about how much your child has grown, learned, and changed over this special year.

Kindergarten is a special time and provides many opportunities for photos. There are many opportunities for parents to go into the school and most children are still innocent enough to smile for the camera when their mother asks them to. Take advantage of these photo opportunities and take careful notes about how they act, learn, and grow during this first year of school. Enjoy making your kindergarten album. Pretty soon your child will be graduating high school and you will be looking back at the cute little child in this album wondering where the time went.

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