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5 Must Have Crafting Mats To Use Today!


The Exclusive crafting mats will change the way you craft. From die-cutting to ink blending these mats will make a world of difference. Each of these mats is unique in its own way and we are here to tell you which ones will work perfectly in your craft space!

Everything You Need to Know About Exclusive Mats:

Non-Stick Silicone Craft Mat

The Non-Stick Silicone Craft Mat is big, beautiful, and bright white - and is ready to be your new best bud in the craft room (or the kitchen!). This 19.5" x 15.5" mat is made of food-grade silicone and has grip only on the bottom side, so it won't slip off of your workspace when you are crafting. 

This mat is just right for ink blending, mixed media, stenciling, watercoloring, ink transferring, hot gluing, and so much more! Get out your heat tool and your glue gun because they're no match for your new Non-Stick Silicone Mat. No need to worry about your table or desk when you're using the mat as your work surface. The non-stick work surface also ensures that any dried glue or heated embossing powder wipes right off!

The silicone material also lets you make your own enamel dots! Just squirt some Pops of Color, Stickles, or Nuvo Drops onto the mat and allow it to dry. Then pop them right off and adhere them to your project - it's that easy! 

Keep in mind, some inks and other mediums may stain your mat; test out a small area on the back of the mat if you're concerned about staining. To keep your mat clean use a damp lint-free cloth, microfiber towel, or baby wipe and apply gentle pressure over the surface of your mat!

Project Grip Mat

If you have seen our Livestream parties you have seen this fabulous mat! The Exclusive Project Grip Mat will be your go-to crafting mat because it comes in so many sizes and colors to work perfectly in your craft space! This versatile mat has a double-sided grip to help keep projects in place as you ink blend, stencil, stamp and so much more while crafting! Keeping a grip on your ink pads and blending has never been easier!

The Project Grip Mat looks similar to the Non-Stick Silicone Craft Mat but the Project Grip Mat has grip on both sides of the mat, whereas the Non-Stick Silicone Craft Mat only has grip on the bottom side of the mat!

The Project Grip Mat is also made of food-grade silicone and is heat resistant up to 475 degrees Fahrenheit for all of your heat embossing needs! The Project Grip Mat is great for ink blending, watercoloring, stenciling, mixed media, acrylic painting, and more. 

The Project Grip Mat now comes in three different sizes and in two colors! You can find the mat in Medium White (12 x 12), Large White (24 x 18), Medium Black (14 x 14), and Large Black (24 x 18). The new large white and black mats come with grid lines to help keep your projects centered on your craft surface.

Shop the newest Project Grip Mats here.

If your Project Grip Mat starts to lose its grip, make sure that there is no lint clinging to the mat. If there is lint stuck to the mat, we have a solution for you! To clean your Project Grip Mat use a damp lint-free cloth, microfiber towel, or baby wipe and apply gentle pressure to wipe down the mat. When you aren't using your mat, just roll it up to save space!

Clearly Amazing Mat

Once you start using the Clearly Amazing Mat you will clearly see why it is amazing! This low-tack transparent mat is fabulous for holding down your base paper while you stamp, stencil, layer and so much more while you craft!

Pictured above is the Mini Clearly Amazing Mat. 

This low-tack mat features grid lines to ensure that your projects are perfectly centered and aligned before you start crafting. This mat comes in three different sizes to help you with any project you are starting on. You can get the Clearly Amazing Mat in Mini (4.75" x 6"), Standard (6.5" x 8.5"), or Extra Large (12.5" x 12.5"). Shop the entire collection here! Thanks A2 Coverplate Die ink blended using a Clearly Amazing Mat by Lauren Taylor Made

To get your Clearly Amazing Mat ready for crafting be sure to remove the protective film from the back for crystal clear crafting! This film is different from the reusable acetate sheet on top of the mat that will keep dust off of your mat. To clean any ink, water, or paints that are left on your mat take a damp paper towel or baby wipe and gently apply pressure. The low-tack grip side will lose its tackiness after time. Time frames vary depending on how much you use your Clearly Amazing Mat!

The Standard Clearly Amazing Mat placed inside the MISTI

One of our favorite ways to use the Standard Clearly Amazing Mat is to place it into the MISTI Stamping Tool. The mat fits perfectly inside the MISTI to hold down your project right where you want it while you are stamping and it won't move! The best news, if you have a Mini MISTI our Mini Clearly Amazing Mat also fits inside.

Spoiler alert, you can also use the Extra Large Clearly Amazing Mat in your Cricut machines as well! 

Magic Mat

Are you tired of constantly replacing your acrylic die cutting plates? This innovative cutting pad is made from a high-quality self-healing material that is designed to be long-lasting when used with blades and cutting tools - specifically in your card making machine or die cutting machine. The Original Magic Mat Cutting Pad by is designed to be a replacement for one of your standard plastic cutting plates - specifically the one that gets cut into.

Shop the Magic Mat Collection here.

The Magic Mat is made of 5 layers of recycled PVC plastic which forms a self-healing, forgiving material. While ordinary cutting plates resist the blade of your metal dies, the Magic Mat absorbs the blade and allows for a smoother cut on its long-lasting surface. This means that you won't have to worry about replacing your warped or bowing acrylic plates!

The Magic Mat comes in four different sizes to fit a wide variety of die-cutting machines. You can find the Magic Mat Short (6" x 7.75"), Standard (6.125" x 8.75"), Extended (6" x 14.5"), and Plus (9 "x 15) for select die cutting machines! Say goodbye to warped acrylic cutting plates with the Magic Mat!

Refer to our Compatibility Chart to find out which Magic Mat works best for your machine!

The Extended Magic Mat is used to cut longer, larger, or multiple dies. Ink blended project by Adrienne Boese.

It has never been easier to keep your Magic Mat in tip-top shape. If it looks like you have cut marks on your mat, they aren't really cuts - just impressions where cuts used to be. It's normal to see these impressions! If paper scraps get stuck in your mat run some water over mild soap and grab a bristled brush to scrub them off. Read some additional care tips for your Magic Mat here!

A little bit of warping is normal with the Magic Mat. But unlike your plastic cutting plates that are warped until you replace them, the Magic Mat's warping can be easily reversed. To unwarp your Magic Mat and return it to its original form, all you need is a little bit of heat. Get out your heat tool (or even your hair dryer!) and apply even heat throughout the mat. The heat will cause the mat fibers to loosen up just long enough to straighten out to its original form and you can continue crafting!

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Self-Healing Workspace Mat

Keep your workspace clean and protected with the new Self-Healing Workspace Mat from! With marked gridlines, your projects will come together in a snap! This double-sided mat has a 23" x 17" work surface with marked white grids, and the total mat size is 24" x 18". 

This large self-healing mat is designed to help keep track of all your little crafting pieces that you might lose on your crafting surface. The Self-Healing Workspace Mat features a 1-inch white grid system across the surface. The center features a 12 x 12 square and a smaller square that perfectly fits an A2-sized card to keep all of your projects centered. This double-sided mat is made from recycled materials and is durable for those long crafting days so you don't have to worry about cutting up the surface!

All Crafting Mats

Easily compare the Exclusive Crafting Mats with this comparison chart to find out which one works best for you! 

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