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Indiashea42's Reviews

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    I would love to love these, but... (12 February 2024)

    So, I spent a ton of money on purchasing every 6 x 8 solid and coordinating patterned pad of this cardstock, and while I do love the huge variety of shades, I don't like the fact that this definitely feels more like paper than 80lb. cardstock. I also don't love the fact that it is not solid cored (honestly, it's really thin, so you can't really see the edges if you die cut it). I have little problem using 80 lb. cardstock from other companies, such as Concord and 9th, but that is because it's actual cardstock.

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    So freaking cute! (12 February 2024)

    I absolutely love these adorable, yet hip, rabbits. Just finished making a sassy and hip Valentine's card with them and can definitely see myself making all different themes of cards using this set.
    I would definitely love to see more accessory sets made for them for different holidays, maybe?!?!

  • Absolutely adorable! (12 December 2023)

    These are the cutest stamps....great size for envelopes, small cards, regular size cards, and gift tags as well!

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    Love Spellbinders Embossing Folders and this is perfect! (02 November 2023)

    I love all of Spellbinders Embossing Folders, especially the geometric pattered ones. Both their 3D and their regular Embossing Folders are awesome.
    This one is perfect for winter because it has an ice/ snowflake geometric pattern!

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    The best stamp cleaning toolever! (17 October 2023)

    I love these stamp cubbies sponges because they really get into all the tiny nooks of the stamp. I usually wipe my stamps with just water on a stamp shammy to keep the ink from drying then when finished using a set I run over them with stamp cleaner using this scrubber along and the stamps look as good as new when I put them back.

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    Love My Waffle Flower Grip Mat! (09 October 2023)

    This is the third of these I have purchased and I couldn't be happier with it! It is versatile works like a miracle product! This replaces the need for magnets in your Misti and tape on stencils! Everything sticks to it just enough so that you don't need to worry about it moving but you also don't need to worry about it riooing your work.

  • Verified Buyer

    Does not fit Nuvo Sprays (02 October 2023)

    So, This is the same product as a nail polish shelf, available for less money (I have literally purchased both and compared them side by side.) I was searching for a way to organize all my ink sprays, and was hopeful that this would be wide enough, as apposed to the nail polish holder, to hold the bottle of Nuvo Brand Mica Mists, but no such luck.

  • Verified Buyer

    Adorable! (24 September 2023)

    It may just be my opinion, but I love this stamp and dies set....they are adorable, and Kinda funny too!

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    The most beautiful cardstock! (11 September 2023)

    This is the most beautiful heavyweight cardstock in the world! I only use heavyweight cardstock and I have purchased from many different companies, both small and large, and I always love Spellbinders cardstock the most! This color is awesome and ai have attempted so many times to find the same shade in other lines and ,from what I can tell, it does not exist! It's a shame because this is always sold out!

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    Makes the most Kitchy Cards! (20 August 2023)

    This stamp set makes really great cards.... I used it to make a bunch of male birthday cards and made them look like magazine covers...they turned out really lovely.

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    A ton of sentiment strip options in 1! (20 August 2023)

    This stamp includes a ton of sentiment strip choice, for everyday messages, without having to purchase a ton of stamp sets. You can also purchase the coordinating die or simply use a trimmer to sut every .25 inches!

  • The best yet! (19 August 2023)

    The Waffle Flower Grip Mats are, by far, the best of all mats.... wonderful for ink blending and they can be used inside the misti instead of the pads and magnets! It's really such a simple idea, but genius. A thick slab of polymer, will grip to any surface but doesn't stick too much to rip your projects!

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    Create beautiful cards in no time! (19 August 2023)

    These color layering landscape stp.sets from Hero Arts produce gorgeous cards with little time and no skill is needed at all! Great for mass producing, and making cards for donation.

  • Great alternative to wax seals!!! (02 July 2023)

    This set makes great alternatives to wax seals. The set allows you to make realistic looking wax seals without the worry of having them smash in the mail or having to worry about using special shipping and handling. You can choose to make the seals just using colored cardstock or make it even more personalized by stamping the seal impressions and using the dies to cut out what you have stamped.

  • Great embossing folder for A2 sized Cards (02 July 2023)

    This embossing folder, while not 3D, certainly leaves a great impression of clouds... I love using it to make backgrounds using bright blue cardstock and going over the embossed clouds lightly with a white ink pad.

  • Verified Buyer

    Makes a gorgeous card panel for any season! (02 July 2023)

    This, along with the coordinating layered stencil set, make a gorgeous card panel. It can be adapted for any season simply be altering the ink colors you use

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    Love Hero Arts Cardstock (27 June 2023)

    Hero Arts cardstock is the best! It's super thick (feels like 120lb.) and comes in so many shades of each color.
    This particular shade is absolutely my favorite, but it's often sold out.

  • All of the Quilting Die Sets from Concord & 9th Are the Best! (24 June 2023)

    I own all 3 of the Quilting Die sets from Concord and 9th and have used each set to make numerous backgrounds and cover designs. They are great to make either geometric cards or to use to build whatever patterns you would like!

  • Makes adorable cards! (13 June 2023)

    I love this die set! You can mix and match the plants and planters to make a crazy cute amount of cards!

  • These do not stamp any clear words at all (30 May 2023)

    I'm very disappointed. I have tried using multiple inks, multiple platforms, acrylic blocks, etc. but it makes no difference. These stamps are not etched deeply enough so all that shows up is a black splotch of nothingness.

  • Verified Buyer

    An easy layered stencils set to make a focal image on a card (14 May 2023)

    This stencil set is pretty easy to use in order to make a focal image on the front of a greeting card. I really like this companies layering stencils and the fact that they make all of the coordinating products available at a decent price point.

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    Great, all purpose stamp set (28 March 2023)

    This stamp set, along with the layered stencil set, makes absolutely beautiful cards. Everything easily matches and coordinates beautifully!

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    Very cute, high quality cardstock (23 March 2023)

    I don't normally used patterned cardstock, however I own the entire line of Sunny Lane products and I could not be more impressed by the quality of these products.This double sided patterned cardstock pad has so many possible uses!

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    Cannot be used without the coordinating Stamps! (17 March 2023)

    So,with all of my other sets of layering stencils I am able to complete an entire image by just the stencils. If, for some reason, I wanted more detailed outlines I could use the coordinating set of stamps, heat foil pates, etc. but my no means is it a necessity to own more than the set of layering stencils.
    Not true with this set of Brutus Monroe "Hybiscus" Layering Stencils.
    This set includes 3 total layers. The first 2 layers are both on the 1st stencil and the 3rd layer is on the 2nd stencil along with a section of leaves that are not part of the layered image.
    What you are left with, after layering all the all the stencils is randomly placed "blobs" (4 of which have centers, the others don't,) and a single layer of leaves (some match up to attach to the blobs,) but the others are just floating in the middle of your image. There is nothing connecting the flowers (aka blobls) without the use of the stamp set.

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    Such cute stamps, however.... (02 March 2023)

    This is a great stamp set, however it is NOT a match to the die set (as I was hoping it would be.) The stamps of buildings are smaller, in both height and width than the dies.
    There are a lot of great general "hello" and " thank you" sentiment stamps. Just wish that they coordinated with the dies or that would make dies to go with their stamp sets

  • Verified Buyer

    Love the look and versatility! (15 November 2022)

    I love making card panels with this sturdy cardstock! It has many bright colored colors while still having a distressed look. It is only one sided, but as Im using it for card panels it doesn't make a difference to me.
    The one thing that is slightly different about this brand of paper/ cardstock is that it does have a slightly semi- gloss finish on it. (I have not tried stamping directly into it as I'm not sure if that finish would cause the ink to smear, but at the very least it would take longer for the ink to dry)
    FYI... An A6 size is 8.25 in length x 5.75 in width!

  • Verified Buyer

    Space saving? Yes Sturdy? No!!! (15 October 2022)

    I had originally planned on filling an entire wall with these boxes, however while this set does come with the wall bracket is no longer made of metal, but a thin, low quality wood that is not strong enough to hold boxes that have any type of weight. For the price, you might as well store paper, stamp sets, dies etc. in magazine holders screwed straight into your wall.

  • Verified Buyer

    A disabled persons dream! (11 October 2022)

    I love this stuff! It's absolutely perfect if you are not absolutely perfect! The depositional roller allows you to actually make an error while trying to layer die cuts, card panels, etc especially if you have any type of hand or stability issues.

  • So glad I found these! (11 October 2022)

    This stamp set from Scrapbook. Com is awesome for all the cards I make and send to those few life long friends. Great sentiments, great size, thanks so much Scrapbook. Com!

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    Love Scrapbook. Coms products, but found that these are not so sturdy (11 October 2022)

    So, I purchased 3 of these and attempted to stack the 3 on top of each other. Disaster. Unless your home was built on the only perfectly flat piece of property in the world, don't try to stack more than 2. As my idea was to save space, I found Tonic's/Nuevo brand holders to be much more efficient and made of a thicker and higher quality plastic.

  • Verified Buyer

    Gold completely dry, haven't tried other yet. (11 October 2022)

    I normally do not use pigment ink pads, however I planned on using these for my holiday cards this year. That was until I received them and tried the gold one. Very sad to report that it leaves a slight yellow tint, but that's it. I continually tried inking my stamps, different types (photo-polymer as well as rubber), but as it turns out the gold is dried out. Haven't had the chance to see if the others work, but I'm not having high hopes's products are normally awesome, so I will still continue to purchase other products made by them, but after reading others reviews, I see I'm not the only person that has had this issue. I purchased the 3 pack (gold, rose gold, & frost)

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    Okay for backgrounds, not the best of colors in this package (28 July 2022)

    This is the second package of these "wood" basics cardstock pages that I've purchased and they are good for making card, photo, and other backgrounds with IF your card/photo is large, as the "panels" on the print are large. Also good for mounting pictures on to frame.
    I really loved the package of "bright" wood basics that were sold, the colors in this package are not nearly as year- round friendly, but still good for making fall cards and even a few holiday cards with. I probably will use 8- 10 of these sheets.
    Quality is good, but it does not have a matte finish.

  • In love with this adorable set, however... (28 July 2022)

    This "Peas on Earth" Lawn Fawn stamp set is absolutely adorable and appropriate for either Christmas, Hannakuh, or any other holiday celebrations. Unfortunately, I cannot seem to find the die set anywhere and fussy cutting just isn't my forte so I am using this for tags and a couple of tag- cards, but I really would have loved to be able to use it to make all of my holiday cards.

  • Entire stamp NEVER shows up! (17 May 2022)

    Ok, so first of all, be prepared to have a ton of half filled small sentiment strips everywhere if you like to use a particular sentiment ( for ex: if you would like to use these on Birthday card, you will need to ink and cuts all of the sentiments to be cut, but thatís not even the biggest issue.
    The biggest issue is that no matter how full your ink pad is, or weather you use die based or pigment ink pads, at least half of your sentiments will either be too filled in, leaving you with completely black sentiment strips, or strips that you may be able to make out a word or two, but ink seems to have serious problems actually sticking to the surface of these stamps so your sentiments will not be black ďlabel likeĒÖrather some spots of black and lack of a sentiment that you can actually read.
    The only luck I have had is to physically cut the individual sentiments apart with an extremely sharp Exacto blade, but doing so is not an easy process at all.
    I have used every typ of ink cleaner (Nuvo, Lawn Fawn, Arcival Ink Remover, Altenew (as well as the Altenew stamp erasers) and every type of cleaning method (Rangers Rub N Scrub, Gina K,Ďa version of the stamp whammy cloth, Nuvoís stamp cleaning platform) and nothing works!)

  • Stamp has not had a clear and solid impression since first use (11 February 2022)

    I loved the idea of the stamp and die set and the die that goes with this stamp works fine, however the stamp does not. I have used 5 or 6 types of ink pads including dye based, pigment, and hybrids, and not one of them leaves a solid impression with this stamp. I re-ink and repeat over and over with my Misti and a pressure tool on top of that but itís almost as if tge stamp doesnít want to accept any type of ink fully so that you end up with a few spotty statements at best, not at all solid like label maker statements should be. I just attempted to use it again and again, bad results.suggestion: I eventually got so upset that I wasted my $ on both the stamp and die set that I actually cut the top row off of the stamp and cut in -between the sentiments. Those are the only ones that now stamp fully, but the down side is that itís very difficult even with an exact knife & metal ruler to cut the stamp material straight so the sentiments that now stamp clearly are no longer in a nice even box like they were meant to be!

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    Highly recommend (19 December 2021)

    I love that has come out with their own line of these and that the colors available keeps expanding. They are farore affordable that Nuvo's crystal, Jewel, or Glitter Drops yet is close enough in quality that the only Nuvo drops I still purchase are the Stone drops and the Vintage Drops

  • Verified Buyer

    Love these gnome stamps! (19 December 2021)

    These brand of gnome stamps is absolutely the best! They are affordable, but the quality is amazing. Each image turns out to be crisp and sharp, will fit an A2 card perfectly with one of the sentiments, although I prefer making larger cards so that I have more room to decorate the front, which is quite easy to do! This brand of tall stamps is also wonderful for making slimline cards as well as for using along the side on a 6x6, 6x8, or even 12x12" scrapbook page!

  • Verified Buyer

    Missing a stamp from this layered stamp set (26 November 2021)

    So, I had specific cards I planned on using this set of layering stamps to make. I was excited to receive it as I had seen inspiration for my card on the Altenew site, but upon receiving the stamp set, I read the layering directions and this set is missing the floral stamp the fits in the top half. Since thatís a pretty important element to have in order to make the card I was a bit disappointed, but did receive a refund.

  • Had a lot of hope, but hopes were quickly dashed (03 March 2021)

    I waited and waited for these to be released, after all I loved everything in the Ms. Maker collection, so why wouldnít I be excited? I bought it immediately but once I received it (from my excitement quickly turned to disappointment. Pages and pages of tiny stick figures in ugly dresses holding scissors? Holding a pen, holding a paint brush, a button, you get the idea. Considering these are meant to do decorative layouts in their planners (of which I own a lot of, but use the classic size currently) they are not practical. You would need to use 1/4 of the book to do a layout for a week.

  • Verified Buyer

    Itís a cute stamp set to go with the matching dies. (17 January 2021)

    I havenít used these yet, but this stamp set, along with the matching dies I plan on using to make a batch of thank you cards so that I can have them ready throughout the year when I need them. I do like that they are not specific to a particular season and all it takes is a few different colored stamp pads to mix up the colors so that not each card looks the same!

  • Verified Buyer

    Love this stamp set so much! (16 January 2021)

    This is such a great, versatile stamp set...I really cannot say enough positive things about it! On top of the huge mandala ( which I will use portions of on the fronts of cards, there are 13 individual sentiment stamps to mix and combine to come up with a unique greeting for birthdays, anniversaries, , even New Years! There are also 2 other round decorative stamps that can fit in the hole of the mandala if you wish or can be used on their own. (I plan on using the large mandala on opposite corners of the front of a quick card and then using one of the ďmiddle decorative stamps inside to carry the overall pattern throughout the card.

  • A waste of money! (01 January 2021)

    You can easily accomplish the same thing by purchasing any powdered laser toner refill, for about $8, empty sponge stamp pads, about $1 a piece, and there you have it! Actually, I didnít even bother buying empty sponge stamp pads; I just cut up sponges and placed them inside a cheap dollar store plastic box!

  • Again, disappointed (16 August 2020)

    Once I finally figured out how to life up the middle 2 plastic bats, this product wasn't as bad as it first seemed, however it never cuts all the way down a piece of paper! There is always an inch or 2 at the bottom that is left untouched by the blade. My other issue with this is that there is no line on the exact middle for you to know exactly where it's going to cut... major product flaw. I've never seen any replacement blades for it so I'm assuming that once your blade is dull, it's a throw away tool and it costs too much to have all of those flaws with it!

  • So sad to write this... (16 August 2020)

    I purchased this board with all 3 types of hole punches... round, spiral & disk. The disk ones were necessary to use for my Happy Planner, the regular holes necessary for my A5 planner, and since the spirals only cost 1.99, I figured I would pick those up too! Well, the measurements are off for the current happy Planner's so that went right out the window, the first time I tried using the regular holes punches for the AT planner, the back side of one of the punched sprung up and broke, and with 3 punches only, I cannot even imagine how long it would take to punch all the holes necessary only to have the measurements be off like they were for the previous 2 types of inserts. Sorry, but this was a miss!