Travel Scrapbooking: China


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Article Courtesy by Rachel Myerson

There are many reasons to visit China. Some common reasons are vacation, visiting friends or relatives, business purposes, and adoption. Whatever your reason for visiting China, you will be able to take some fantastic pictures and create some wonderful scrapbook pages.

There are some very famous sights in China and they are famous for good reason.  When you visit such marvels as the Great Wall or the Forbidden City, you will definitely want to take plenty of pictures. Here are some great layouts of those famous locations:

Although the tourist sites in China are fabulous, some of your best photos might just be the ones that capture life in a different culture: the countryside, the vehicles, and even the food. I think one of the most interesting things about visiting a foreign culture is the culture itself. The photos you take of normal everyday life in China may prove to be your best memories and lead to some very interesting scrapbook pages. Here are some great examples of layouts which capture various aspects of life in China:

Another reason some people visit China is to adopt a child. Clearly a trip like this is more filled with emotions than with interest in the location itself. On visits like this, don’t forget to capture your emotions in your journaling. Here is a beautiful layout by KathyScrapper about an adoption in China.

Many people visit China for extended business and manage to find time for sightseeing as well as work while there. If you or a family member has the opportunity to work in China, consider scrapping both aspects of the visit as Joeyrene1 did in these layouts:

When scrapping your trip to China, there are several China-themed products that you can use. You can also use products with an Asian theme.

As you prepare for your trip to China, I have one final tip. Make sure you bring all the photographic equipment you will need. Unless you speak the language or have connections, you may have a hard time finding a reputable camera shop.  You don’t want to find yourself out of space on your memory card or lacking other photographic necessities and therefore miss out on some of the great photographic opportunities China has to offer.


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