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    Mania is right! (23 June 2008)

    Major patterned paper buying mania for me!! I can't pass up this new we r memory keepers patterned paper cardstock. It is gorgeous, sturdy, and oh so perfectly textured.

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    Buy me (23 June 2008)

    This paper is stunning! The white core is just the icing on top of the gorgeous stand-out colors that rock this paper front and back.

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    Wowzers! (23 June 2008)

    This paper is just stunning from the red to the turqoise on back...perfect. AC paper lives up to it's long time standard here with the new kids collection. Love it!

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    AC does it again! (23 June 2008)

    American Crafts makes such beautiful, sturdy paper and this new Kids line is the bomb! I love the colors for boys and/or girls. I'll be buying more of's awesome.

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    Fantastic! (23 June 2008)

    From the super sturdy yet comfy handle to the awesome glide of the punch....I love this! Easy to line up, and easy to use. Must have for you ATC lovers out there. :)

  • Super ideas! (22 June 2008)

    This sketch book has darling sketches and ideas inside of it. The one thing that bothers me about it is the front cover. Mine is so damaged because the little pink flap gets in the way. It's super cute, but I wish they would have put sturdier covers on this darling book.

  • Photos Kept Safe! (22 June 2008)

    I absolutely love this photo case! It holds hundreds of my photos. I like to use their dividers and label which photos I have in the case. This makes scrapbooking super easy because I can just pull photos right out of the case. I love this organizationall system. It works very well and I know my photos are safe in this case.

  • Gimme my glue dots! (22 June 2008)

    I absolutely love these little guys. I always have to have glue dots on hand for scrapbooking, altering, and cardmaking. This is my favorite size. :)

  • Holy ribbon Batman! (22 June 2008)

    I could not believe how much ribbon fit into this baby!!! I stuffed it full. I've taken it on several crops and people always ask me, "Does your ribbon get tangled in there?". The answer is NO it doesn't get tangled. It comes out perfectly. I love this littel purse. So cute!!! And oh the ribbon you'll fit in it. WOW!

  • Darling with lots of pockets! (22 June 2008)

    I just bought this cute tote and I just love it. I have to say, the little bird and the cute blue sold me on it but once you get past how cute it is you look inside and see pockets gallore! Just enough to fit your tools, adhesives, embellishments, paper and much much more. The outside of this tote is very sturdy so you don't have to worry about your items inside.

  • This baby is darling! (22 June 2008)

    Have you ever been to a crop and they didn't offer a garbage can for you to use? Of course, we all have! Well, get this baby and you won't have to worry about that. I take my croppin cutie baby with me when I crop now and I don't have to worry about garbage. I love it!!! I even use it in my scrapbook room. So cute....gotta have it.

  • Must have!!! (22 June 2008)

    These tabs and labels make it super easy to organize your new clip it up. I can easily spin my slip it up and look for the right theme according to my tabs and labels.

  • Bring it along! (22 June 2008)

    If you're going to travel with your clip it up then you definately need one of these cute covers. You just slip it over the top of your clip it up (with or without the top tier), and off you go. I've used this several times and I don't really know how you'd travel without it. It's wonderful and oh so cute with that big purple flower.

  • Pick up an extra pack....or two (22 June 2008)

    I couldn't believe how many of these awesome little clips fit on my clip it up. I was able to fit product after product on it and therefore I'm very happy I ordered extra clips. I've ordered about 3 extra packs total and that fits my clip it up perfectly.

  • Perfect pair! (22 June 2008)

    This upper tier is an awesome add-on to your base.
    This is a must have! You can add all your smaller embellies to this tier. You will love it. :)

  • Clip It Up ROCKS!!! (22 June 2008)

    This organizational tool by Simply Renee is out of this world! You will not believe how many embellishments you can fit on this mama. I am in love! Don't forget to purchase the top part as well. It is awesome. :)

  • Must have!!! (22 June 2008)

    This is one tool that I can not live without.!!! :)

  • Becky Rocks!!! (22 June 2008)

    I was absolutely thrilled when my sketches book came in the mail! I already had Becky's first and second sketchbook, but what made me want this one was the fact that it has sketches from both of these previous books with NEW ideas and Becky has added brand new sketches to this super cute book. This size is awesome for taking along to a crop. You'll love it!

  • My definately doodle fave!!! (22 June 2008)

    I absolutely love this little guy. The thing that makes this template so versatile is the fact that you can have fun with swirlies and/OR dots! I've had so much fun adding dots to my pages with this template. Love it!

  • Doodle Away! (22 June 2008)

    This template is so much fun! I absolutely love the sturdiness, and the ability to make super cute doodles in no time!

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    Value is amazing! (18 June 2008)

    This price is unbeatable! I just used my new tag maker for the first time and absolutely loved it. It's super easy to use, and for the price, well you can't beat it.