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CraftiA's Reviews

  • Verified Buyer

    Useful to have in your scissor collection (22 February 2024)

    I purchased these scissors because I do a lot of fussy cutting and as I am getting older arthritis is setting in. I make mini books and journals and most of the papers come with a sheet of cutouts and ephemera. I always cut them out while I sit and watch TV in the evening and my favorite pair of fussy cutting scissors is beginning to cause pain in my thumb. Because of their design the new scissors are easier to hold onto and I have enough control to cut most shapes, however, the smaller and more delicate shapes are not coming out as well. Itís possible that more practice is needed but even if I canít use them for everything, the time I can use them will help.

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    The color we did not know we needed (22 February 2024)

    I have most of the Distress ink and Oxide inks in the brown family that are available and wasnít convinced I needed another one. However, after watching a video by Tim Holtz I realized that this was a shade that I could definitely use. Itís darker than Ground Espresso but not as dark as Black Soot, and more neutral in tone.

  • Nice to have (03 February 2024)

    I purchased this product because I prefer the foam blenders to those with brushes that are already available in a multitude of sizes. I had the tiny blenders with the wood handle and a tiny foam pad on each end and the new product is definitely a step up. It holds more ink and the foam doesnít deteriorate as easily. So far I have found that the foam pad seems to come loose, not to the point of falling off but it moves around. And depending on what youíre inking, they can still be too large to get into tiny crevices. I used it right out of the package so next time I will press down on it before I use it. One plus is that I can use my mini inks and the blender fits perfectly.

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    Beautiful pieces (30 January 2024)

    The thing that stood out to me about this ephemera was the sheen on the pieces. Itís not shiny, more like a golden coating. It gives the pieces a rich look that I havenít seen before. I also like that they are more like paper than a thick cardstock or chipboard that can add too much bulk sometimes. Theyíre the perfect finishing touch for this collection.

  • Verified Buyer

    Gorgeous design (30 January 2024)

    I am in love with this paper! I donít know how I missed it when it was released but so far I have been able to purchase everything I need to make several different projects from it. I love the idea of elves in the woods and the colors are rich and vibrant without being too bright. The scenery is breathtaking and takes you to that place. I canít wait to get started working with this beautiful paper.

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    Beautiful paper (23 January 2024)

    I came across this paper in a YouTube video and fell in love with it! The colors are amazing and I love the mermaid and the sea theme. I have several projects planned, including some that I hope to gift to friends. It will be a joy to work with this paper.

  • Verified Buyer

    If you like fussy cuttingÖ. (23 January 2024)

    I have purchased a couple of the Collectables from Stamperia and I love them! However, I also enjoy fussy cutting. When I sit down in the evening I get my scissors and these designs and cut away. I like that the designs are on both sides in case I want to place a piece over the edge or turn it the other way. There are a couple of sheets with paper designs on the back but most of them are made to be cut out. I think they would work for tags also although the pieces are fairly close together.

  • Verified Buyer

    Wish the extra shelves were still available (16 November 2023)

    I recently purchased storage containers for my three tier cart and thought I was all set until I began working with Tim Holtz mica sprays, spray stains, and oxide sprays.
    I saw this organizer on sale and liked that it was clear so I could see everything. It wasnít difficult to put together but with only 4 shelves I could only put one in each quadrant and there definitely is some wasted space. However, it still holds a lot. I put all the sprays on the bottom shelf and was able to get them all in with room to spare. All my Stickles went on the top and I filled the top out with tools. I was able to find things to put on the other shelves so although it would have been nice to get some extras, itís not a deal breaker.
    You need to turn it slowly so things donít fall off.

  • Verified Buyer

    Nice size bag (17 October 2023)

    I use this bag to keep all the paper, ephemera, ribbon or lace and anything else that I will need to construct a journal together until I get to work on it. When Iím ready everything is right there and I donít have to spend time getting it all together or forget something I wanted to use.

  • Verified Buyer

    Makes die cutting easier (17 October 2023)

    I purchased these mats just to try them out and found that for me it made die cutting easier. There were times when no matter what I tried the dies werenít cutting cleanly and entire sections of the design remained uncut. I was convinced that I must be doing something wrong. However, since I started using the magic mats, everything I cut no matter how intricate, comes out perfectly. I have a Sizzix big shot and it doesnít make any cracking noises anymore. I havenít had any issues with warping but I always make sure the plastic plate that I use isnít warped before I start.

  • Verified Buyer

    Love these! (24 September 2023)

    I purchased these organizers to fit on the top tier of my craft cart and they fit perfectly! Theyíre a much better use of the space than my previous spinning organizer. I was able to fit all my containers of various texture pastes and the tools to use them, a good number of distress oxide sprays, and distress crayons. I used the taller organizer for water color pencils , stencils and even was able to fit the heat tool in. Thereís still room in a couple of the compartments in case I need to add anything later.

  • Verified Buyer

    No complaints (24 September 2023)

    I make mini books and journals and seem to go through a lot of double sided tape! I like the 2 inch tape for book covers and spines because itís more economical. It also helps with preventing the cardstock from bubbling or getting wavy as can sometimes happen with liquid glue. And I know the corners arenít going to lift. As long as you apply it correctly and donít forget to burnish, your book covers will look great and hold up to use.

  • Verified Buyer

    Helpful tool (18 March 2023)

    I often use a stamping platform and have struggled with getting the right amount of pressure on the stamp. I have arthritis in my hands and it seems l either press too hard or not hard enough. I tested the product out after I received it and was pleasantly surprised by the results. Itís large enough to easily hold and the pad on the bottom slides across the plastic without any problems.

  • Verified Buyer

    Great value with the sales (21 May 2022)

    I use a lot of double sided tape so itís nice to find tape thatís good quality and economical. I have used the more expensive brand name tape and this product and I honestly donít see any difference. I keep my eyes out for the sales and stock up.

  • Verified Buyer

    Super cute clips (21 May 2022)

    I am a scrapbooker/journal creator and I love to use these tiny clips in my projects. Theyíre perfect for holding tags or cards or to hold a flap closed. And they come in three colors so they can be matched to the project or not.

  • Verified Buyer

    Just what I was looking for (09 January 2022)

    I was looking for something to hold projects that Iím currently working on. I make mini books and was in need of something less bulky than the usual 12x12 cases, but that could hold the paper to finish the book and all the supplies. When I saw these cases I knew they would be perfect. I was able to safely store the projects that were cluttering up my desktop! Not only was I able to fit the book I was working on, I was able to add the paper, ribbons, lace, and charms for the project, too. No more lost or forgotten supplies. Iím definitely going to purchase a few more of these to organize future books, too.

  • Verified Buyer

    Great deal on this bundle (05 December 2021)

    I like to use wider double sided tape whenever possible to save time. This bundle also is a money saver! I have found the tape adhesives from to be comparable to the brand name tape. The 1/4 inch foam tape is something I didnít have but can foresee many uses for it. The larger 2 inch roll of foam tape will last me a long time.
    I noticed in the email that this bundle is sold out so Iím glad I didnít wait to order it. And I got two free gifts!

  • These kits save time (26 September 2021)

    I have made two of these folios already and found that they come together quickly. Everything is pre-cut and pre-scored so all I need to do is apply tape and put it all together. I found a YouTube video that showed a different way of putting it together than the included directions and I followed that with the second one because it gave me a wider spine area in the slanted pockets page. I also used a different closure method-ribbon ties-on both of them.

  • Verified Buyer

    Quality cardstock and a pretty color (16 July 2021)

    I purchased this only because of the reviews. No matter where I looked to get an idea of the actual color, it looked the same. And it wasnít pretty!
    Thereís quite a difference in the actual color of the cardstock and the way it looks online. Itís a pretty, pale blue. You wonít be disappointed.

  • Verified Buyer

    True to color (24 May 2020)

    I was happy to see that this reinker was the correct color! I purchased this color previously from a different merchant and it was an ugly gray color that ruined my stamp pad. It turned a pretty lavender into an ugly gray color. Sometimes the reinkers look a little darker so I assumed that once it soaked in the color would be ok, but that was not the case. Lesson learned- always test the reinker before putting it on your stamp pad!

  • My new favorite medium (20 March 2020)

    I purchased this after seeing it used on an online video. Itís definitely more expensive than the medium I used to use but I would purchase it again. The main difference is that it doesnít go on as watery so the paper doesnít buckle or fall apart. Since it has less water it dries faster, too. You donít need much to adhere collage pieces and it can be brushed over the top to seal everything. The best part is that I can a use it to adhere buttons or small metal or jewelry pieces to my collage. Once it dries they are firmly in place.

  • Good alternative to a glue gun (19 March 2020)

    I donít like using a glue gun even though they hold pretty much anything in place- theyíre messy and I burn myself more often than not. As soon as I saw the sticky squares I knew I had to try them.
    I used the small squares to glue paper flowers to paper and they worked great. Just make sure that whatever youíre gluing is exactly where you want it because thereís no going back.
    I also tried gluing paper flowers to fabric. I used both the large and the small squares depending on the size of the flowers. So far everything is holding. Best of all, the squares are easy to use.

  • Verified Buyer

    Perfect for a travel journal (06 March 2020)

    This paper is beautiful! I love the soft colors. As soon as I saw it I knew it would be perfect for a suitcase shaped journal I just purchased a tutorial for.

  • Best bone folder Iíve ever had (25 February 2020)

    I own several bone folders, one is real bone and the rest are plastic. This one is definitely the best one I have. It doesnít leave any marks on the cardstock and my folds are crisp and flat.
    Itís got some weight to it and is easier to use. I can use the sides or the flat end depending on the size of the sheet iím working on. I have also used it for scoring with good results.
    The only problem I had was that I didnít realize the sticker on the side comes off and it discolored white cardstock I was working on!

  • Works well (20 February 2020)

    I purchased this because itís clear and I had some snow embossing powder that I didnít want to use any color with. It has a soft foam pad so at some time you will need a reinker. I placed die cut snowflakes on top of the foam and lightly tapped and proceeded with applying the powder and heating. They came out great even though the embossing powder wasnít a Ranger product.

  • I like it, but I donít love it (20 February 2020)

    I purchased this product while it was on sale because I wanted to try it, and I could use a couple more applicators for ink. The handle is easy to hold and the Velcro holds the foam pad securely. My blending results left a little to be desired as I still ended up with some blotchy areas. I think the foam is a little stiff. It could be that I just need more practice with this type of foam.

  • Verified Buyer

    So far, so good (08 February 2020)

    I purchased these adhesive sheets when they were on sale to try them out. Recently I used them to adhere decorative paper to the cover of a travel journal that Iím working on. I donít have any complaints about the performance of the product but I noticed a bit of an odor before everything was stuck together. I donít smell it anymore and the papers are adhering well. The cost of the sheets is very reasonable especially when theyíre on sale. I would recommend them.

  • Verified Buyer

    Multi purpose ink (05 February 2020)

    Distress inks are great to have in your craft supplies. You can use them to edge paper in journals and mini books but it doesnít stop there. They can also be used as watercolors and different effects can be achieved by spritzing with water and allowing the colors to blend. The colors are beautiful.

  • Nice companion paper (12 January 2020)

    I purchased this to use in a Fall theme mini book. I already had the 12x12 paper but like to use the smaller tablets for the interactive elements in my books.
    The designs are slightly different than the larger papers but definitely complimentary. Some of them have sayings printed on them which I wasnít aware of but will most likely use since the size of my book will accommodate them.

  • Verified Buyer

    Beautiful paper (04 September 2019)

    Both sides of this paper are so pretty that I was glad I purchased a few sheets. The rose gold accents are so pretty and the colors are a nice blend.

  • Verified Buyer

    Beautiful paper (04 September 2019)

    The rose gold accents on this paper are stunning. Love the colors also. I used it for a travel journal and it was the perfect accent.

  • Not exactly what I expected (10 August 2019)

    I had this paper in A-4 and 8x8 and purchased this to add foil accents to my project. There arenít as many foil accents as I hoped there would be. A bit of a disappointment but it is still pretty.

  • Easy to use (02 August 2019)

    Itís a nice punch and easy to use. I have arthritis in my hands and have trouble pushing down on some punches. I need to purchase a couple more sizes of circles and will definitely look for this brand.

  • Saves space (02 August 2019)

    I like that this punch has 3 different options in one punch. It definitely saves space in my desk drawer for more gadgets! I had an older model corner rounder punch prior to purchasing this one and not only was it difficult to use, the rounded corners were too small at times. Itís nice to have options and not have to purchase 3 separate punches, especially for someone just starting out in journal making.