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Scrapnfor3's Reviews

  • Verified Buyer

    So Versatile! (09 May 2008)

    This collection is so cool! It has a summer theme and makes gorgeous summer LO's, but the colors lend themselves nicely to other themes as well. I used some of the papers for a preschool farm day theme and it looks amazing! The colors also work well for general boy, girl, fall and Christmas LO's. This is such a versatile collection, I'm sure I'll be using it again and again.

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    Cute and Innovative! (03 May 2008)

    I bought this album in conjunction with a class offered by BPS and it was so fun to use and assemble. I love the little peek-a-boo pages - very unique. You do have to be careful not to add too many bulky embellies though or it won't close. Another issue I had with the top pull-out pages is that they will easily come all the way out which isn't what you want. Just be careful not to pull on them too hard.

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    GREAT TRIMMER (24 December 2007)

    I have been cutting with this trimmer for over 3 years and I really have found it to be the best one I've ever owned. I have to say I have never owned or used one of the "expensive" ones though. However, for the money, this trimmer has exceeded all my expectations. I am on my second one but only because I carelessly left my trimmer laying on the floor with the arm extended and then stepped on it causing the arm to break at the joint.

    I have no problem cutting a straight line, I like that I can turn the mat 4 different ways thereby extending its life, that there are a number of different blade attachments (especially a scoring blade) and that all the replacement parts are very inexpensive. I would definitely recommend this trimmer to others.

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    Such a Cool Alternative! (08 December 2007)

    This stuff is so cool! I love what it does on paper, chipboard and wood. You can spray a little for a sheer, shimmery effect or continue adding layer upon layer for a deeper color and more glimmer. Be sure to let each layer dry before adding another though or you will get "spots."

    Unfortunately, this product does not work well on metal embellies. It tends to pool and dry unevenly so you end up with "clumps" of shimmer. If you like a spotted effect, it's fine, but I prefer the smoother effect of glitter paint on metal.

    Also, be careful to cover your work space before spraying since there is really no way to control exactly where the product goes.

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    STYLISH AND FUNCTIONAL (25 November 2007)

    Of all the bags I've had during my lifetime, this is one of my favorites. I'm a "pink girl" so of course I love the color, but my favorite feature of this bag is the organizaton pockets inside. I am a collector of receipts and and Notes to Self so my hand bags usually look more like waste cans, but this bag has helped me solve that problem. There is so much room inside and with all the pockets available, there is a place to put everything - including my many receipts and notes! The inside of my bag always looks neat and tidy no matter how much junk I actually have in there.

    I have gotten so many compliments on the uniquness of this bag and have been asked numerous times where one can be purchased (of course, I always say "at!"). The only complaint I have about this product is that the fringe on the zipper pulls off very easily. The construction and quality of the bag in general is great, but they need to work on a new design for the zipper pull. Mine looks pretty ratty since nearly every time you use the pull, a piece of the fringe pulls off. This is the only thing keeping me from giving it 5 stars. To have a bag this stylish, durable and functional but with a ratty zipper pull disappoints me a little.

  • Verified Buyer

    FINALLY, a white pen that WORKS! (25 November 2007)

    This is a fabulous white pen. I have tried many different brands of white pens and have been terribly disappointed in each one (see my review of the AC Galaxy Writer). This pen is smooth, bright and reliable. I love that you can use it to write on different surfaces, including slick ones such as photos and wrapping paper and that the ink shows up immediately and dries quickly without smearing.

    On occasion I have had a little trouble with the ink starting to flow as soon as I start to write and once in a while I will get some hesitation from the ink flow but overall, this is a GREAT pen. I recommend it to all my friends and have even bought some for gifts.

  • No thanks! (17 September 2007)

    I wanted this pen forever and when I finally got it, I was so excited. That initial excitement was followed by extreme let-down and disappointment. I tried the pen on black paper and could BARELY see anything I had written. The ink was so light. I tried tracing over my writing with the same result. And I must say, if it's a good pen there won't be any need to re-trace what you've written. I thought I'd just gotten a "bad" pen so I bought another one. Same results = more frustration. Plus, the ink inside the pen seemed to dry up within a short amount of time. I ended up throwing both of my white Galaxy markers in the trash. I would definitely NOT recommend this pen to anyone. If you want a bright, smooth white pen, try the Signo Uniball. I have 2 of them and LOVE them!

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    Too Cute! (17 September 2007)

    These stamps are just too cute! The size is perfect and lends so much versatility to the set. These images can be used to make adorable photo corners, as borders around photos or journaling blocks, and they look darling on cards! I love the hand drawn look of the images and I also like that they can be stamped onto solid colored cardstock and used "as is" or they can be stamped onto white cardstock and colored in using a variety of mediums. If you have a little boy or make cards for little boys, these are a must-have!

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    Absolute Faves! (08 August 2007)

    I seriously LOVE these pens. I use them for all my doodling and writing. I love that there are so many different tip sizes to choose from (although I use the .05 and .03 sizes the most). What I love about these pens is that they never smudge. I have had problems with that in the past, but never with these. Even if I turn my paper and end up resting my arm where I've just written, the ink doesn't smudge. Another thing I love about these pens is that I have never had one "dry up" from not being used or from being stored veritcally. In fact, I always store these pens vertically since I use them so often I just have them in a pencil cup on my desk. These pens write smoothly and I've never seen the ink blot, bleed or fade. I've been using these pens for YEARS! In fact, I've been using the same .05mm and .03mm pens for close to 3 years and they are still going strong! I have a 9-yr.-old daughter who scrapbooks so I bought her a set of these pens for Christmas last year and she loves them too!

  • Verified Buyer

    Must Try (21 July 2007)

    The first time I used this product I wasn't sure about it at all. But I gave it another try and found out it's very cool. The trick with glitter glaze is to use it on something that is white if you want a light effect or something that is the same color as the glaze you are using. When I first tried it, I used it on plain chipboard (the brownish color) and it looked dreadful. The glaze itself appears to be very thick and heavy when you sqeeze it out of the tube, but in fact it is rather transparent which is why it doesn't look good on anything that is cardboard colored or a different color than the color of the glaze itself. A couple of tips: work kind of quickly because it dries pretty fast; if you try to spread it around too much it starts to remove the glitter or clump it up; and finally, be sure to rinse your brush out immediately and use a little soap or you will never get all the glitter out of your brush (and if you use a foam brush like I do, the foam will become hard and inflexible). Once you learn all the tips to using this glaze, it is wonderful. I love the effect it gives the finished items.

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    I LOVE This Album! (17 July 2007)

    I have just recently purchsed my first Customizable Modern Album and I am loving it! It is also the first D-ring album I've ever used. Through the years I have progressed from strap-hinge albums to post bound and now I have found a new format to love. The D-ring album is so simple to use. I am not a chronological scrapper so I have always struggled to add and rearrange the pages in my other albums. This takes all the frustration out of adding new pages and rearranging existing pages. The album also holds a lot of pages and they are easy to flip through and view.

    What sets this album apart from other D-ring albums is that you can customize the covers any way you like! Just one more opportunity to showcase your creativity and it makes the album a one-of-a-kind! Customizing the covers is as much fun as filling it with amazing layouts!

    One suggestion I have is to use Mod Podge to adhere papers to your album covers. Spread the Mod Podge on the chipboard cover as well as on the paper surface you want to adhere. You have to work kind of quickly, but this method helps greatly to reduce bubbling in the paper. Paint works fantastically on these covers also.