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Expand Your Creativity with Tim Holtz

World-renowned artistic visionary Tim Holtz shares his uniquely personal approach to creativity and empowers you to discover your own distinct style through the use of innovative and cutting-edge mediums and tools.  Full Description.
Students: 32,956
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Lesson 1 - The Secret Powers of Distress Oxides and Distress Inks Revealed

Allow legendary designer and creative extraordinaire Tim Holtz to demonstrate and explain the differences between Distress Oxides and Distress Inks. Tim's instruction is unrivaled, and you will be amazed at how the information gleaned pairs with the crafting techniques to allow your creativity to run free. Get the most out of your Distress Inks and Distress Oxides with helpful tips and tricks that will immediately become part of your crafting style. Go beyond basic ink pads as Tim demonstrates how to take your Distress Oxide reinkers out of your .5oz ColorCase to create pieces of watercolor art. With a veritable array of distress ink and distress oxide colors to choose from, the possibilities are endless!

Duration: 16:38

Lesson 2 - Easy and Inspirational Tips and Tricks for Creating with Distress Crayons

Dive into the colorful world of Distress Crayons with Tim Holtz as he demonstrates the many creative ways to use this vibrant medium. Prepare to be drawn in as Tim shows how distress crayons react on different choices of paper, whether embossed, kraft, or watercolor card stock. Discover what storage item takes Tim back to his childhood, and experiment with mixed media techniques. You will walk away feeling inspired and ready to create!

Duration: 11:51

Lesson 3 - Tim Holtz's Time Saving and Savvy Stamping Tips and Techniques

Your stamping life just got a fabulous makeover. You'll be a card-making fool once you discover the convenience and simplicity of the Stamp Platform! Follow along with Tim as he highlights the unique features of this time-saving tool, and then demonstrates the ease of use. Whether you want to create stamping layers or mass-produce cards for everyone on your Christmas card list, you will soon wonder how you ever lived without one!

Duration: 18:38

Lesson 4 - Best Tips and Tricks for How to Use Tools to Improve Your Crafting

Tim shares all of the best Tim Holtz Tonic tools, and lets you in on all of his favorite features. From trimmers to scissors, and everything in between, you will complete this video knowing exactly which tool to use for each of your crafting needs. Allow yourself to be infused with excitement as you learn all of Tim's favorite tips and techniques with the best tools! These helpful products will soon become the most-used tools in your crafting arsenal.

Duration: 12:02

Lesson 5 - Basic Cutting and Embossing Tips and Techniques with the Sizzix Tim Holtz Vagabond 2

Allow your creativity to shine as you accompany Tim on this glorious Die Cutting journey. Learn what makes the Vagabond 2 unique from other Die Cutting machines, and just how easy it can be to get started creating beautiful pieces that will be the envy of all. Tim demonstrates the fundamentals of die cutting, and then goes from simple to sensational as he uses a variety of surfaces with the Vagabond 2. From felt to leather, to metal to fabric, there is little that this workhorse cannot handle. You will be intrigued as Tim brings you further into his inspirational world and wows you with embossing techniques and detailed die cutting work. Tim's style of teaching is one of inspiration, and you will complete this lesson filled with techniques and tips that you can then apply to your own creative design and style. 

Duration: 16:12

Lesson 6 - Kick Your Die Cutting Up a (Mini) Notch with the Sizzix Alterations Sidekick!

He's got the whole world in his hands...or at least it feels that way when you watch Tim show off all that the amazing Sizzix Alterations Sidekick can do! Perfect for those smaller jobs that you don't want to use your Vagabond 2 for, this little machine packs a big punch. 

Duration: 03:53

Lesson 7 - Foundations of Distress Mixed Media and Tips for Infusing Your Own Style

Roll your sleeves up and get ready to have some fun! Join Tim as he shares his love of mixed media with you, and demonstrates the many free-flowing techniques that you won't be able to wait to try! This is a hands-on lesson, and this is a realm where there are no rules, where messiness is encouraged, and anything goes! Learn how to use the many mediums available to you, gain inspiration as you watch Tim work his signature magic, and in no time at all you will soon know why mixed media crafting can be both therapeutic and freeing. Come, let your true inner artist shine!

Duration: 07:55

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Duration: 87:09

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About the Teacher

Tim Holtz

Crafting visionary Tim Holtz has been a fixture in the industry for the past 17 years, working with a wide variety of companies to design his own line of innovative products. Ranger InkSizzix (Alterations), Tonic Studios, and Westminister Fibers/Coats (Eclectic Elements) are among the companies where you can discover Tim's signature line of products. Tim has a true creator's heart and enjoys both the creative process and sharing his passion through education and accessibility, traveling the world to allow others to share in his creative journey while crafting their own path. Tim's imagination and vision are seemingly limitless, and it is easy to see why he is the ultimate inspiration to all who view his art.