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Lowkey's Reviews

  • Blue cutting pads (17 July 2023)

    Definitely easier to find. I always lose the clear ones. Thank you.

  • Glitter cutting pads (17 July 2023)

    I really like them. So much easier to locate.

  • 4 inch low tack mint tape (16 September 2022)

    Awesome! It came fast and is so friendly to card makers.

  • Foam strips (15 March 2022)

    These are great. Now to make shaker cards.

  • Verified Buyer

    Ink pad storage (14 May 2021)

    Very nice. Very convenient. Stampin Up pads fit nicely. I love it.

  • cutting pads (08 May 2021)

    these are great. The ones I had are so worn out and bent that I couldn't get a proper cut or embossed paper for a card. These work great.

  • temp tape (08 May 2021)

    This is so nice. So often I need a temporary adhesive for die cutting and this it absolutely wonderful for that.

  • glue (08 May 2021)

    Good product. Nice for cards and other paper projects.

  • music paper (08 May 2021)

    Neat paper. I will use it for cards for family that are musical. I love it.

  • Ink refills storage (05 April 2021)

    These are super nice. The bottles fit nicely and stand up. A little big for stampin up bottles to be upside down but still great.

  • double sided adhesive tape (26 January 2021)

    This makes die cutting intricate dies easy to put onto a card or scrapbook. I like the width of it. Good for smaller dies and 2 strips can be put on for a wider die.

  • double sided foam sheets (26 January 2021)

    These are so fun to use. They die cut easily and make a real impression on a card.

  • Silvery Ink refill (26 January 2021)

    Finally, this must have been popular because it took several months to get it. It is beautiful! So pretty and shiny. Thank you.

  • Verified Buyer

    Gold ink refill (30 October 2020)

    Such a pretty color for Christmas cards. Perfect !

  • 12x12 paper storage (06 October 2020)

    I love these. They are easy to assemble and hold all my designer paper. They sit on the table behind me when I'm making cards.

  • Verified Buyer

    Double sided paper (28 June 2020)

    Pretty pink and flowers for fussy cutting to put on cards or in a scrapbook.

  • Verified Buyer

    Double sided paper (28 June 2020)

    Pretty flowers on one side and a pretty green on other side.

  • Verified Buyer

    Double sided paper (28 June 2020)

    One side has flowers and the other side is solid. Very pretty.

  • Verified Buyer

    Marbled paper pad (28 June 2020)

    So many pretty papers. Gives me lots of ideas for card making.

  • Verified Buyer

    Double sided tropical paper (28 June 2020)

    I love the colors and the parrots are so real looking.

  • Verified Buyer

    Gingham double sided paper (28 June 2020)

    Love the light color. Great for summer cards.

  • Verified Buyer

    Grass cloth texture paper (28 June 2020)

    Very pretty and can be used for many cards.

  • Verified Buyer

    Small scoring pad (20 June 2020)

    It is fun to use for small projects. Thank you for coming up with the idea.

  • Paper trays (03 February 2020)

    They are great. Now o can see what paper I have.

  • Verified Buyer

    Script dies (21 January 2020)

    Excellent size for making cards.

  • Verified Buyer

    Disney cars buttons (21 January 2020)

    Just the right size for my grandsonís shirt. Cute.

  • Misti corners (21 December 2019)

    Very useful when doing multiples making cards. You place it and it stays put.

  • Tombow tape runner (21 December 2019)

    Easy to use and everything sticks like it should.

  • Acetate snowflake paper (21 December 2019)

    So pretty and makes cards so special.

  • Paper with wood grain design (21 December 2019)

    Wonderful for making cards.

  • Tombow mono adhesive refil (21 December 2019)

    This makes it so easy to refill my tape runner.

  • 1 1/4 inch circle punch (26 November 2019)

    Excellent size for many projects.

  • Oxide ink pad (26 November 2019)

    Havenít used it yet but the color is great.

  • Blending tool with domed foam (26 November 2019)

    They work great and donít leave hard edges on card.

  • Domes (26 November 2019)

    Cute little things. Perfect for ornaments or gift tags.

  • Magnetic tool to pick up dies (03 November 2019)

    What a lifesaver. Marvelous idea and easy to keep track of.

  • precision base plate (16 August 2019)

    So helpful. it makes the dies come out easier and cleaner.

  • adhesive sheets (16 August 2019)

    I really like these for some of the intricate dies. It makes it so much easier to put them on cards instead of trying to use a liquid glue.

  • Halloween buttons (05 August 2019)

    Mickey and Minnie are all ready for Halloween. They are perfect.

  • Donald Duck buttons (05 August 2019)

    I love them. These are going to be perfect for a project I have in mind.

  • Verified Buyer

    Winnie the Pooh buttons (05 August 2019)

    I love them. Perfect for any project.

  • The Little Mermaid buttons (05 August 2019)

    These are so real-looking. Perfect.

  • Finding Nemo buttons (05 August 2019)

    I haven't seen these before and love them.

  • Minnie Mouse buttons (05 August 2019)

    I love them. They are so well made.

  • Mickey Mouse buttons (05 August 2019)

    Perfect. I love them.

  • Tinker bell buttons (05 August 2019)

    I love anything Disney! The button are so well done. Perfect!!

  • Verified Buyer

    Stamp Shammy (09 July 2019)

    This is very nice. It is thinner than I expected but very easy to handle.

  • double sided adhesive sheets (26 May 2019)

    These are so handy for those very detailed dies that need to be adhered to your card. Makes it easier to do.

  • double sided tape roll (26 May 2019)

    just what I needed. Easy to tear and use.

  • blue paper (26 May 2019)

    awesome paper and colors are so bight

  • paper (26 May 2019)

    love the colors.

  • blue paper (26 May 2019)

    beautiful color.

  • paper (26 May 2019)

    Love the colors. Great paper.

  • Mirror card stock (09 March 2019)

    I love this paper. Wish I'd had it for Christmas but I can make some very special cards with it.

  • envelope with magnetic sheet (09 March 2019)

    Now I can store more of my framelits and dies for card making.

  • paper creaser and bone folder (09 March 2019)

    something I have have needed for a long time. Now I can crease my paper making crisp folds for cards.

  • wood grain paper (09 March 2019)

    Interesting paper. Can be used for a variety of cards and ink colors.

  • mini glue dots (16 February 2019)

    These are great. They fit into small spots on cards and other crafts and are strong.

  • Sizzix storage envelopes (15 February 2019)

    These are perfect. I didn't realize that I should get magnetic sheets and put the dies on them and into the envelopes. Now I do and they are much easier to store. Thank you.

  • paper holders for12x12 (08 February 2019)

    Nice to have someplace to store my paper where I can see it easily.

  • refill organizer (08 February 2019)

    I love being able to put my ink in a place where I can see what I have easily.

  • refill storage (08 February 2019)

    great storage i have all my Stampin' Up ink refills now so i can see them.

  • Verified Buyer

    Let's party paper (03 February 2019)

    Perfect size for a lot of things besides cards. Fun bright colors.

  • Verified Buyer

    party animals paper (03 February 2019)

    This is a colorful paper and perfect for birthday cards. Good for older people too.

  • Verified Buyer

    birthday balloon paper (03 February 2019)

    This is beautiful and fun. If you have lots of birthdays coming up this is the paper to use.

  • Verified Buyer

    chicken wire stamp (03 February 2019)

    It is cute and fun to use as a background stamp. Nice size.

  • Verified Buyer

    Small Versa Mark pad (29 January 2019)

    This is much easier to use with a stamp possitioner.

  • Verified Buyer

    SrazOn reinker (29 January 2019)

    I needed a refill for my StazOn ink pad. This is a necessity.

  • Verified Buyer

    Momento refill (29 January 2019)

    It's good to have the refill handy for when you are making lots of cards.

  • Verified Buyer

    Momento Ink pad (29 January 2019)

    Easy to use and very black.

  • adhesive rhinestones (22 December 2018)

    These are beautiful. I added them to my Christmas Cards and they really make a difference.

  • pillow box punch (22 December 2018)

    This is a fun gadget. Perfect for treats.

  • oval dies (22 December 2018)

    They are a perfect size for cards. Thank you.

  • swirl die (22 December 2018)

    Perfect for thank you notes next week.

  • Christmas star stamp (22 December 2018)

    It is beautiful. Perfect for Christmas Cards. Thank you.

  • glimmer paste (10 December 2018)

    Pretty to make snow on cards, etc.

  • snowflake embossing folder (10 December 2018)

    Makes a wonderful background on cards.

  • Sizzix tweezers (10 December 2018)

    They are good to have. Hard to get used to but I like having them available for use with making cards.

  • magnetic sheets (02 December 2018)

    These make it so easy to store your dies. You can spread them out on the sheet and see at a glance which one you want.

  • Emboss and transfer set (02 December 2018)

    Very helpful if you are trying to emboss with a cutting die. They make wonderful cards and this makes it so.

  • edgelits dies (02 December 2018)

    These are very helpful when making a snow scene or any card that you would make a hillside on. Also the lace piece is fun.

  • silicone rubber mat (02 December 2018)

    this is interesting. Very interesting to use and have had fun working with it and the Sizzix machine.

  • dies to make hill (04 November 2018)

    I think it makes better hills on your cards. They are smooth and look real. When tearing paper to make hills, they look like torn paper.

  • stamp mat (04 November 2018)

    Very useful. It helps you stamp your polymer stamps. Or should I say, all your stamps. Better impression.

  • non-stick craft sheet (02 November 2018)

    It is so handy to use with liquid glue and snail-glue. You can just rub it off and you have a clean sheet to work on.

  • Paw prints (19 October 2018)

    Perfect for animal-loving people. I love them

  • Copper embossing powder (19 October 2018)

    Great color

  • Snowman shaker (19 October 2018)

    I love it

  • Tombow Mono glue (17 October 2018)

    This is the most remarkable glue. Glues but also can remain tacky for some applications.