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How to Begin Cardmaking Like a Boss with Simon Hurley

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Fifteen-year-old cardmaking prodigy Simon Hurley returns to to share more of his stunning artistry! Come find out why Simon has endeared thousands of crafters to him. With his advanced creative expertise and easy-going instructional style, you will soon be a part of the Simon (and cardmaking!) fan club too! Full Description.
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Lesson 1: The Ultimate Guide to Essential Basic Cardmaking Supplies

Uncover the secrets of cardmaking as fifteen-year-old virtuoso Simon Hurley of Inklipse introduces and explains the basic supplies needed to begin card design.  Simon will focus on the fundamentals every cardmaker needs, provide helpful and meaningful explanations as to why they are needed, what they do, and tips and tricks for using them. Simon will share his must-have cardstock colors, the basics of inks, essential Die Cutting supplies, the various styles of stamps, and the many coloring mediums available for you to choose from. After this lesson, you will feel confident and ready to dive into the creative realm of handcrafted cards!

Lesson 2: Quick and Easy Tips and Tricks to Streamline Your Cardmaking

Prepare to fall in love with cardmaking as you begin your crafting caravan. Simon shares a time-saving and important step needed prior to beginning your creations. This lesson will introduce you to a variety of ways to create your own card panels and bases, as well as provide you with time-saving tips. You will love not only the time you save, but the money, too! More for embellishments and stamps, we say! In this lesson, you will learn how to cut and score basic card sizes including A2 (four ways!), A7, and Square. You will see the importance of having Basic Nested Die Shapes in your die cutting arsenal, and how to use them to easily design the panels you can then use to stamp and color to your heart's content!

Lesson 3: Inks Demystified: Dye, Pigment, and Hybrid Ink Pads Explained

Join Simon as he pulls back the curtain of mystique on inks! Dye, pigment, and hybrid won't just be words anymore-you will soon be an ink connoisseur after Simon demonstrates and explains the differences between these three types of inks.  You will also learn the many ways to use little cubes, large pads, and reinkers.  Simon will use swatches to demonstrate the effects and results that each ink has on your projects, allowing you to ultimately choose which ink is the perfect one for you and your creative style.

Lesson 4: How to Get Crisp and Clean Stamped Images Every Time

Have you struggled to evenly stamp your images, or been frustrated by ink left over on your stamps? Perfectionists, rejoice! Simon will show you how to get a superbly smooth stamped image sure to satisfy. Simon enlightens you by sharing his simple tips and techniques for getting his stamps pristine, as he reveals the reasons behind those instances when your stamps just won't get clean. Discover all of the many elements that can be used to design cards with varying looks and styles. Simon shares his tricks to making what might seem like mistakes, works of art! Allow Simon to lead you through demonstrations that show you how to create scenes that add detail and visual interest. 

Lesson 5: Tips for Improving Your Stamping - Creating Bolder Images, Straight Lines, and Backgrounds

In this lesson, you will move beyond the acrylic stamp block and explore how the use of a Stamp Positioner can transform your cardmaking. Eliminating the need to worry about the perfect stamped image or straight lines, Simon uses the Tonic Tim Holtz Stamp Platform to demonstrate its many uses. You will love the ease of use, the various techniques and looks you can experiment with using a Stamp Positioner, and the ability to achieve deep, bold color in your cardmaking. You will see how you can use Distress Oxides, Archival Ink, and dye inks in your creative stamping, and in which situations to use each one. Come on in and say Howdy to a new way of stamping!

Lesson 6: Step-by-Step Basics of Coloring and Shading with Alcohol Markers

Allow your inner artist to come out and play as you learn new techniques and tips for shading and coloring your cards with alcohol markers. Simon understands how many are intimidated by this medium, and he strives to show you just how simple and fun they can in fact be, and how anyone can do it! With virtually no drying time and incredible blending capabilities, alcohol markers offer a unique way to add fun flair to your creations. You will gain confidence and skill with Simon's expert instruction, and you will be excited to get started with alcohol markers and add them to your crafty stash! 

Lesson 7: How to Use Watercolor Markers to Create Colorful Backgrounds

Dive into the watercolor world of cardmaking as Simon introduces you to Distress Markers, and how to use them to create colorful and bold backgrounds for your cards. In true Simon fashion, this lesson is peppered with his signature helpful tips and tricks for making your creative process smooth and easy. You will emerge refreshed and rejuvenated, and ready to begin experimenting with your own watercolor marker backgrounds that are consistent with your own unique style. 

Lesson 8: The Best Way to Use Watercolor Pencils on Cards

These are not your basic #2 pencils! These watercolor pencils are sure to impress the teachers (and anyone!) in your life. Head back to school with Simon as he demonstrates how to create an appreciation card fit for a Principal using a unique watercolor medium. You will see how easy it can be to use a watercolor pencil to create backgrounds, shade in special ways, and to fill in the smallest of details with ease. Simon combines many skills and techniques and shows you how using embossing powder can transform the look of your cards. You will be the teacher's pet with these new cardmaking skills!

Lesson 9: Introduction to Stamp and Die Combination Sets

Accompany Simon as he skillfully explains the symbiotic relationship between dies and stamps, and how magical these sets can be in your cardmaking. You will learn the fundamentals of die cutting your stamps with coordinating dies, and see how precise and simple the details are. Simon shows how he uses Distress Oxides to blend beautiful backgrounds for his cards and create an inspirational piece of art.

Lesson 10: How to Stretch Your Supplies and Discover Your Unique Style

You never know what you have until you clean your craft room, right? Super Simon to the rescue! You will love how Simon shares how you can climb that mountain of supplies you already have to reveal your distinct artistic flair. You will learn how to create your own patterned paper with stamps, and how to create unlimited colored cardstock using only markers. Follow along as Simon goes into detail demonstrating how to use supplies you love to magically transform into what looks like a new (to you) element. Rules? No way! Join Simon as he shows you how giving yourself the freedom to do only what you love with your cardmaking can uncover your true passion and purpose. 

Lesson 11: Tips to Take Your New Knowledge to Get Started Today

Armed with your new-found cardmaking skills, Simon empowers you to discover your own style by creating your own unique designs! Simon goes into detail with two of his favorite basic techniques and ways to begin creating cards - swipe stamping and watercolor stamping. He shares simple tips for selecting colors and creating professional-looking pieces with detail and visual interest. Celebrate your transformation as a cardmaker and get ready to explore. At the completion of this lesson, you will be full of inspiration and confidence, and ready to soar to new heights in your cardmaking journey! 

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Fifteen-year-old cardmaking prodigy Simon Hurley returns to to share more of his stunning artistry! Come find out why Simon has endeared thousands of crafters to him. With his advanced creative expertise and easy-going instructional style, you will soon be a part of the Simon (and cardmaking!) fan club too! Simon will begin with the fundamentals, answering all of the most commonly-asked questions, sharing tips for selecting supplies, creating cards with deep visual interest, and how to discover your personal style. You will feel inspired, empowered, and full of passion for cardmaking in all of its forms! Allow Simon to guide you on this transformative path that will cause you to see this treasured form of papercrafting in a whole new light!

To view even more creative and clever cardmaking techniques from Simon, be sure to head over to his debut class, Step-by-Step Cardmaking Techniques with Simon Hurley, at the completion of this class!

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Simon Hurley

Simon Hurley is a sixteen-year-old blogger, designer, YouTuber, and cardmaker. Simon also was recently announced as Ranger Ink's newest Signature Designer, and Simon's line of products, Simon Hurley create., are currently available at Crafting since he was very young, Simon fell in love with card making six years ago at the age of ten. He is a huge believer in clean and simple cards--but isn't afraid to do what it takes to get that look, and always manages to get his fingers full of ink! Simon's goal is to inspire others with crafty projects and to teach new techniques while doing what he loves. You can see more of this rising star's inspirational videos and projects on his blog,