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Ultimate Stamping Hacks with Simon Hurley

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Get the ultimate ink blending, stamping, stenciling and watercoloring tutorial from teenage card making phenom Simon Hurley, Ranger Ink's newest signature designer! Explore his fantastic new line of products, Simon Hurley create. and get expert tips and tricks from the master himself on how to get results that will shock even YOU! Full Description.
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Lesson 1 : Beyond the Blending Basics

Enter the fascinating world of blended backgrounds and colorful creations with Simon Hurley as your guide. His expertise with ink will have you itching to get your hands on card bases, blending tools, and his Simon Hurley create. dye inks from the moment you see them in action! Get the insider info on which color choices you should really start with, and which sections of your card to hit for the best possible effects. Then, Simon will demo two totally different types of textures for backgrounds you have to see to believe!

Duration: 13:15

Lesson 2 : Wow With Water

It's amazing, it's unbelievable, it's's WATER! It's a downpour of unbelievable techniques and tips for adding water into your card making routine. Simon combines a water-misted stamp with a gorgeous blended background for a look that will truly take your breath away. Watch closely for a unique tip for cleaning up your workspace that results in another gorgeous card front! This wonderful watery walkthrough is definitely going to make a splash with your cards!

Duration: 07:38

Lesson 3 : Ink, Rinse, Repeat!

In this inky tutorial, Simon is smooshing, smearing, blotting, and creating some of the most gorgeous colorful backgrounds you've only ever imagined. He shows you how to combine ink, water, and a little bit of heat to build a multi-layered rainbow of colors. He even gives you a helpful tip to avoid getting muddy colors when working with a variety of tones. If you're the type who prefers applying ink with the pad itself, Simon gives you the best technique for getting the job done brilliantly and with ease! 

Duration: 09:53

Lesson 4 : Fade Effects That Amaze

If you're looking for inks that create amazing gradient fade effects and yet won't stain your perfectly clear stamps, look no further than Simon's dye inks. In tones like Bee Sting, Slippery When Wet, and Lator Gator, Simon demonstrates how to stamp out an amazing fading rainbow, and bold ombré images to cut out and assemble into a new scene. He also shows how adding a little heat helps build layers and new shades when you use those same inks for faux watercoloring. 

Duration: 12:01

Lesson 5 : Mix & Match Magic

Get the ultimate rundown of all Simon's stamp sets and the backstory behind how and why he created them. Filled with unbelievably fun images and fantastic phrases, Simon shows you how to mix, match, and make countless cards with the endless options found in his line for Ranger. Learn about the importance of interchangeable heads (yes, you heard that right) and the difference they make in creating amazing scenes. You won't want to miss his unforgettable canine astronaut card!

Duration: 11:01

Lesson 6 : Must-See Masculine Cards

Cards are for dudes, too! In this lesson featuring Simon's Dudes Too stamp set, he explains the importance of having some wonderful supplies for creating masculine cards for every occasion. If you've ever hit a creative roadblock when making a congratulatory or celebratory card for a special guy in your life, then there are definitely some can't miss tips for you in this lesson!

Duration: 08:26

Lesson 7 : Outside the Box Background Stamping

Get an eye-opening look at all the ways to use background stamps that you never even thought possible! Simon's signature red rubber background stamps give you the control to create the scene of your dreams and explore dual purpose options for each pattern. He'll feature fussy cut elements, and also how to artfully utilize multiple blended inks on your background stamp. You'll be a master of background stamps after you see Simon's out of the box techniques!

Duration: 05:52

Lesson 8 : Setting the Scene

You have adorable, fun figures or critters and you've picked out the perfect sentiment, but how do you tie them together on a card? It's Simon to the rescue with his easiest backgrounds ever to get your scene all put together! He shows you how to create the simplest grass and skyline scene, and even a one-step planet filled with fun details. Simon has your back to ensure that all your stamped images are pulled together to make any card amazing!

Duration: 06:42

Lesson 9 : Stellar Stenciling Starts Here

Build flowers, scenes, and excitement in this lesson all about stencils! Simon shows you how to build blended botanicals with his flower stencil that holds endlessly beautiful possibilities. He even turns a stencil into a stamp - an absolutely unique and stunning way to get creative that you have to see! He finishes out his stenciling tutorial by creating brilliantly-colored texture paste in just two easy steps. If you love stencils, you'll love this lesson!

Duration: 10:04

Class Details

Duration: 84:52

Get the ultimate ink blending, stamping, stenciling and watercoloring tutorial from teenage card making phenom Simon Hurley, Ranger Ink's newest signature designer! Explore his fantastic new line of products, Simon Hurley create. and get expert tips and tricks from the master himself on how to get results that will shock even YOU! Learn all about the reactive properties of his inks, along with some mind-blowing card making hacks that will have you creatively sparked and ready to craft. Filled with stamped critters, signature colorful backgrounds, and amazing guidance, Simon shares a variety of must-have card making tricks that you'll love. Just when you thought you knew all the best techniques, Simon comes in with some game-changers that will have you immediately intrigued and inspired to create!

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About the Teacher

Simon Hurley

Simon Hurley is an nineteen-year-old blogger, designer, YouTuber, and cardmaker. Simon is a Signature Designer with Ranger and his line of products, Simon Hurley create., is currently available at Crafting since he was very young, Simon fell in love with card making six years ago at the age of ten. He is a huge believer in clean and simple cards--but isn't afraid to do what it takes to get that look, and always manages to get his fingers full of ink! Simon's goal is to inspire others with crafty projects and to teach new techniques while doing what he loves. You can see more of this rising star's inspirational videos and projects on his blog,