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Stamping 101 with Simon Hurley

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  • Stamping 101 with Simon Hurley
  • Stamping 101 with Simon Hurley
  • Stamping 101 with Simon Hurley
  • Stamping 101 with Simon Hurley
Your favorite teenage stamper, Simon Hurley from Inklipse, is back at to show you some of the most simple stamping techniques for amazing results! With lessons on types of stamps, ink varieties, paper comparisons, and must-have supplies, this student-age stamper becomes the teacher in a class all about stamping! Full Description.
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Lesson 1 Simons Journey into Papercrafting

Lesson 1: Simon's Journey into Papercrafting

From paper beads to origami to homemade card making, join teenage crafter Simon Hurley on his journey into the world of papercrafting! Learn all about how he channeled all his youthful exuberance and energy into meaningful pieces of art, and transformed his hobbies into a thriving business at such a young age! His inspiring story and more awaits in this insightful look into Simon Hurley.

Duration: 03:22

Lesson 2 Supplies to Start Stamping

Lesson 2: Supplies to Start Stamping

Get a basic supply list and introductory walkthrough from expert stamper Simon Hurley on how to get started on your own stamping adventures! Learn about the different types of stamps and varieties of inks so you buy the right one every time. Then, get a little more in depth as he explains embossing techniques, blending and layering tools, stamp platforms, and his favorite super affordable and durable tool for cleaning your stamps!

Duration: 10:52

Lesson 3 The Fabulous Four Types of Stamps

Lesson 3: The Fabulous Four Types of Stamps

Explore the four main types of stamps and join Simon as he demonstrates the best techniques for getting ink on (and off of!) them for extended use! Then take a look at some popular themes of stamps such as florals for coloring in, sentiments for perfect homemade cards, and adorable critters for building scenes. Simon will take your breath away as he shows you how to use the ink color families for building amazing depth, vibrancy, and layers in a single flower.

Duration: 23:15

Lesson 4 Scene Building  Blending Techniques

Lesson 4: Scene Building & Blending Techniques

If you’ve ever looked at homemade cards and wondered, “how did they do that?” then you won’t want to miss this lesson! Simon shows you how to create beautiful blended ombré effects on the same stamped image for finished products prettier than a sunset. Then he demonstrates how to create seamless scenes of stamps by constructing masks that you can temporarily place on your project to design amazing overlaps!

Duration: 21:59

Lesson 5 Inks, Crayons, and Markers, Oh My

Lesson 5: Inks, Crayons, and Markers, Oh My!

So many amazing stamp techniques, so little time! Let Simon walk you through all the different kinds of black inks so you know exactly which one is best for your project. But the fun doesn’t end with inks! Watch as Simon demonstrates awesome stamping with art crayons, Distress Markers, and glitter markers for different effects. And he even shows you how to create one-of-a-kind stamped images with just a pair of scissors!

Duration: 19:15

Lesson 6 Stamps and Dies  The Perfect Pairing

Lesson 6: Stamps and Dies - The Perfect Pairing!

Stamps and dies go together like macaroni and cheese! Sometimes you find amazing sets that have them all in one package (like boxed mac & cheese!) and sometimes you purchase coordinating sets separately to achieve phenomenal images and cuts every time. Let Simon explain the best ways to separate attached dies for precision cuts and avoiding injuries. Then, learn about the proper order and placement techniques as Simon creates two beautiful, unique cards from start to finish.

Duration: 13:40

Lesson 7 Beyond the Basics Embossing, Shadows,  Backgrounds

Lesson 7: Beyond the Basics: Embossing, Shadows, & Backgrounds

The possibilities in stamping are endless and Simon is here to tell you all about the next steps after you master the basics (which will be quick if you watch all Simon’s classes!). Learn about using’s exclusive daubers and stencil brushes to create amazing blended background effects. Then, turn up the heat and be amazed at what you’ve been missing in the world of embossing. Finish off this lesson with an unbelievable trick to pick up textures and patterns from one stamp and put them in another!

Duration: 25:47

Lesson 8 Stamping Strategies for Journals  Planners

Lesson 8: Stamping Strategies for Journals & Planners

Simon may be known for his amazing stamping prowess in card making, but in this lesson, he shows how to expertly transfer stamping skills into art journals, planners, scrapbook pages, and more! Check out some amazing, eye-catching techniques as he utilizes spray inks for bold splashes and then shows how to create faux watercolor effects! You’ll want to get your hands on versatile, vibrant Spray Stains after watching them in action!

Duration: 17:38

Lesson 9 Get Organized with Simon

Lesson 9: Get Organized with Simon

When there’s ink pads, clear stamps, rubber stamps, and various tools taking over your kitchen table or piled in a drawer, you need some organizational assistance, ASAP! Simon walks you through some of the best organizers and systems for ensuring your stamping supplies are always in order and at the ready for your next project. Explore a variety of fantastic exclusive clear storage options, including the .5oz and 1oz ColorCases for Stickles, Nuvo Drops, reinkers and more! If you’re disorganized and don’t know where to start, start HERE!

Duration: 07:41

Lesson 10 Picking Your Perfect Paper

Lesson 10: Picking Your Perfect Paper

In the world of papercrafting, not all papers are the same, as seen in this super helpful side-by-side comparison by Simon himself. Get a firsthand lesson on choosing the right cardstock or watercolor cardstock and see how different inks react on the page and when treated with water. Then, if you’ve ever been frustrated by using adhesives on water-warped cardstock, Simon has the perfect solution to get you out of a sticky situation!

Duration: 19:07

Lesson 11 Precise Positioning with Stamp Platforms

Lesson 11: Precise Positioning with Stamp Platforms

If you’re not always getting the best stamp transfers, let Simon walk you through using a stamp platform for perfect placement, positioning, and ink saturation every single time. Then, prepare to have your mind blown as he demonstrates a method for stamping without removing a single stamp from the storage sheet! He also shows you a few tricks on how to create a turn-table background filled with perfect images! This is a can’t miss lesson!

Duration: 12:39

Class Details

Your favorite teenage stamper, Simon Hurley from Inklipse, is back at to show you some of the simplest stamping techniques for amazing results! With lessons on types of stamps, ink varieties, paper comparisons, and must-have supplies, this student-age stamper becomes the teacher in a class all about stamping! Simon has super simple solutions to all your basic stamp conundrums including how to get the best ink transfers, beautifully blending subtle background hues, turning inks into faux watercolors, and transitioning your stamping prowess into journals, planners, scrapbook layouts and more. Using simple, straightforward directions, Simon's beginner approach to stamping will have you perfecting your techniques in no time!

Duration: 175:15

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About the Teacher

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Simon Hurley

Simon Hurley is an nineteen-year-old blogger, designer, YouTuber, and cardmaker. Simon is a Signature Designer with Ranger and his line of products, Simon Hurley create., is currently available at Crafting since he was very young, Simon fell in love with card making six years ago at the age of ten. He is a huge believer in clean and simple cards--but isn't afraid to do what it takes to get that look, and always manages to get his fingers full of ink! Simon's goal is to inspire others with crafty projects and to teach new techniques while doing what he loves. You can see more of this rising star's inspirational videos and projects on his blog,