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The Best Beginner Die Cutting Class Ever with Carissa Wiley

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Accomplished and talented crafting expert Carissa Wiley infuses her fresh and fun style into this comprehensive class that is sure to make you feel like a die cutting superstar. Thorough, detailed, and fun, this is the must-take class for both those just beginning their die cutting journey and those wishing to learn more.  Full Description.
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Lesson 1 - Introduction to the Magnificent World of Manual Die Cutting

Whether you are just beginning your Die Cutting exploration, or you simply want to expand your foundational knowledge, this is the class for you! Join Carissa as you familiarize yourself with the tools and terms of the die cutting world. Carissa reviews the many machines on the market and explains the differences and similarities to ultimately assist you in choosing the best die cutting machine for you. With clear, concise and detailed explanations and demonstrations, Carissa leads you through the basics of this exciting crafting realm. You will be filled with inspiration and ready to immerse yourself in this limitless world of creativity!

Lesson 2 - Easy Essentials of Electronic Die Cutting

Carissa demystifies the digital die cutting world as she showcases a wide variety of products available on the market to coordinate with your electronic die cutting machine of choice. Are you confused with what electronic die cutting machines do, or how they differ from manual die cutting machines? At the end of this lesson, you will feel confident and armed with a new-found knowledge that will make you want to plug in and get started with those digital cut files right away! 

Lesson 3 - Quick Start Tips and Tricks for Manual Die Cutting

Do you have a die cutting machine but don't know where to begin? You're not alone! Follow along with Carissa as she shares pro tips and tricks that will help you create the projects of your die-cutting dreams! Learn how to transform basic supplies and techniques into extraordinary creations that will wow your family and friends, and make everyone think you are a veteran die cutter! 

Lesson 4 - Learn the Fundamentals of Working with Your Electronic Die Cutting Machine

Delight with Carissa as she takes you from opening the machine of your die cutting dreams, to creation in no time at all! Learn how easy electronic die cutting can be - no computer needed! You'll find Carissa's style of teaching both informative and easy-to-follow, and you'll love learning how welding isn't always what you think it is.  During this class, you will learn how to design a stunning and glitter-filled page layout with a welded title using your electronic die cutting machine. This is not your grandfather's toolbox!

Lesson 5 - Top Techniques to Move Beyond the Basics of Manual Die Cutting

Journey with Carissa as she demonstrates how to create several unique die cutting projects by using a few simple and basic products. You'll love how economical this can be, as you learn to use your manual die cutting machine to design treat bags, cards, and tags--all from the same product! Learn why you may want to opt for a manual die cutting machine, how much use you can really get out of your dies, and what exactly you can use them for. You'll feel like a (Sizzix) Big Shot at the completion of this lesson!

Lesson 6 - Tips and Tricks for Creating Fun Projects with Your Electronic Die Cutting Machine

Move beyond the basics of electronic die cutting, and let your imagination run wild. Hold onto your seats, because we are about to make things sparkly! Watch as Carissa explains even the most minute details as she creates fun die cut clothing, and a practical-yet stylish-menu board for your kitchen. You'll want to plan your meals as soon as you display your new framed vinyl masterpiece, and you'll be the talk of the grocery store in your newly-minted t-shirt. The sky's the limit when you have the Silhouette Cameo in hand, and you'll soon learn that this is just the beginning of a world of creative possibilities. 

Lesson 7 - The Must-Have Guide to Manual Die Cutting Accessories

Curious about all of those die cutting tools and accessories? Well, look no further because Carissa Explains It All! When you begin with manual die cutting, you'll quickly realize that the accessories available abound. During this lesson, you'll learn which platform to choose for which task, what an embossing folder is and how to use it, and exactly what all of those strange words mean in the die cutting world. Carissa's tips will help you achieve a variety of looks and techniques with your die cutting machine, and give you the confidence to design with greater ease simply by using the appropriate die cutting accessory or tool. Carissa demonstrates and explains all you need to know about the many options available to you. You will be Spellbound by all things Spellbinders and more at the completion of this lesson!

Lesson 8 - Enhance Your Electronic Die Cutting Creations with Accessories

Join Carissa as she shows you how to make all the things pretty with fabulous and unique accessories for your electronic die cutting machine! You will be like a kid in a candy store once you learn the many ways you can use these machines in your own home, on clothing, for gifts, and so much more. Digital die cutting accessories will be a mystery no longer. You will finish this lesson feeling confident and ready to allow your own creativity to flourish!

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Accomplished and talented crafting expert Carissa Wiley infuses her fresh and fun style into this comprehensive class that is sure to make you feel like a die cutting superstar. Go from a true die cutting newbie to feeling confident in no time at all! Thorough, detailed, and fun, this is the must-take class for both those just beginning their die cutting journey and those wishing to learn more. Carissa knowledgeably explains the essentials of both manual and electronic die cutting, and you will feel deeply inspired by her fresh creativity as she crafts her way through the class. Come along with Carissa as she shares her love of all things die cutting, and allows you to feel comfortable and refreshed as you take on new skills!

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Carissa Wiley

I started as a scrapbooker about 15 years ago, just after my son was born.  I had never done it.  I bought some stuff, gathered with friends and we shared what we were doing.  Scrapbooking led to card making and all sorts of paper crafting.  I attended a few little workshops here and there.  But mainly, I practiced. There’s no substitute for doing.  You can take classes all you want, but until you sit down with your supplies and put your hands to work, you’ll never realize your full potential. I started teaching via my blog in 2009.  There I share video tutorials and instruction weekly.  I've also taught several online classes.  I love to share what I'm doing with others and watch as their creativity is inspired by what I'm sharing. I teach because I want people to know that they can do it too!  I love breaking things down, step by step and showing others that they too can do what I do.  It’s really not complicated, it’s just a matter of taking each project step by step.  I hope people walk away from all of my classes feeling inspired and empowered.  I want them to look at things in new ways and from there, allow their creativity to blossom.  I want them to know that they can do it by taking each project step by step.