The Velcro Baby

Submitted By: Toddlebabe

The Velcro Baby

Waah-Waah-waah, the sounds of misery
I pick you up and put you down, but nothing makes you happy!

In your bumbo on your own, or sitting on the couch
Lying on your nice play mat, youíre still a little grouch
You want me to be near you, you want to be held tight
You donít want hands to touch you, and fight with all your might.

Ly you down, no hold you up, looking over my back
Keep you straight, turn you round, you want to look at that
On your back, on your side and sometimes on your tum
You wriggle moan whimper cry, you really are no fun...

Holding on around my neck with all your tiny strength, you make me want to scream
But I must admit my Velcro child; youíre still a little dream...

By Carla Van Heerden

Author: Toddlebabe
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